Ahad Raza Mir Couldn’t Dodge Questions About Sajal In This Hilarious Interview And We Love It

By Arslan Athar | 11 Aug, 2018

You all know who Ahad Raza Mir is. He’s one of Pakistan’s most up and coming actors, and he has the looks to steal all of Pakistan’s heart. He recently sat down for an interview with BBC, his interviewer was Fifi Haroon. Fifi has been known to conduct in-depth interviews and is able to extract all the juicy information you want to hear about.

Her interview with Ahad Raza Mir, however, was ‘interesting’. 

She was in her TOTAL auntie mode and the only thing on her mind was his shaadi and relationship, specifically to Sajal Ali. But let’s be real, she was channelling ALL of us and our mood when it comes to ‘Sahad’. Along with just simply putting their interview together in an article, we also spoke with Fifi Haroon about her ‘methods’ and this interview in particular.

Source: @ahadrazamir / Instagram

She began the interview by talking about the weather. Seems innocent enough, right? 

Well the weather in London was hot, Fifi swiftly took the conversation to this; ‘Aap ko garam jagaein achay lagtay hai? (Ahad says yes) Aap ko garam log bhi achay lagtay hai na!’ Just to make it obvious, she ends the line by saying ‘Meinay Sajal ka naam tou nahin liya na’. 

We asked Fifi for her comment on if she indeed was pushing Ahad about Sajal and their friendship. She had this to say ‘Actually I wasn’t pushing Ahad to say anything about Sajal. My interviews are conversations not Q & A investigations. It was a natural repartee that you can find in any of my interviews with the celebrities I interview for the BBC. But yes I was teasing Ahad – not to get any truths out of him because the purpose of my show is not ever about scoops but just to have a laugh together. It was in good humour, the way one would rib a friend.’

Source: tribune.com.pk

A good part of the interview was spent on Ahad and Sajal’s friendship and especially they’re working relationship. 

Ahad says that he understands her and how she works. He isn’t sure if that’s the same for her, but he’s pretty sure she gets him too. According to him, Sajal has a particular tareeqa of doing things, and he respects her for her passion for acting. It’s actually her passion that he uses to boost his own passion; they both bounce off their energies with each other.

He also admitted that Sajal and the Mirs are all pretty close, with his mom being an especially favorite fan of her work. Fifi, of course, took the chance and asked if Asif Raza Mir knew about Sajal, but Ahad was quick to neutralize that question and answer it without giving anything away. Fifi had this to say about how Ahad reacted throughout their interview together; ‘Ahad Raza Mir is an actor and a gentleman. He smiled, he laughed, he went a bit red. But he responded in good humour and gently like he always does.’

The conversation moved to Ahad’s once long hair. 

Source: tribune.com.pk

Ahad recounted the sad day when he had to cut all the hair off. Out of nowhere, Fifi throws him a ZINGER; basically, she asked if Sajal has some of his locks with her in a locket. Ahad was quick on his feet and responded by saying, ‘Sajal ka nahin pata, but I sure have one.’ We’d like to give Fifi points for her attempts on this question!

As the signed off, Fifi said ‘Do pass on my love to Sajal, also do pass on some of your own’. Oh Fifi! Gosh, we love you for your casual style of interviewing, it’s honestly such a treat to listen to! 

We asked her if there was anything that was left out of the final cut but she shut down all our hopes and dreams! ‘ My interviews are long and we wander across territories. Sometimes celebrities and I end up talking for 40 minutes. Naturally not everything makes the cut. In Ahad’s case pretty much everything was on the table. Even my sign off where I asked him to give my love to Sajal! But when the mic is off I talk with some celebrities as friends. And no I’m not telling what is said then! I am very friendly with a lot of stars. Atiqa Odho and I have been friends for decades. Pooja Bhatt is a soul sister. Mahira Khan and I WhatsApp at odd times of the night about anything and everything. That will never feature in print or on air. Don’t expect a tell-all book like Reham Khan’s from me anytime soon.’

That’s that, I guess! You can hear the entire interview here. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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