17 Times Ahad Raza Mir Made You Want To Say ‘Qubool Hai'

By Sarah Babar | 2 Oct, 2017

Ahad Raza Mir, aka Dr Asfandyar, has taken both social media and our television screens by storm, lately. We saw him first in Sammi as he lit up our screens every time he was in the frame. And now he has half the population of the country going gaga over him in Yakeen Ka Safar. He’s shooting for his first feature film, Parwaz Hay Junoon, as we speak. He’s the son of veteran actor Asif Raza Mir, who was befittingly the heartthrob of the generation before us. So here are just a few images of Ahad Raza Mir that will make you rush and get yourselves a Nikaah-khwaan.


1. Before we begin, we need to tell you of Ahad’s obsession with Black and White

Half his images are in B&W and we’re not really complaining


2. Look at him just being his dapper self

4 AM shoot? Yeah why not. Monday blues. #latenightphotoshoot #color #mondayblues #daniyalnaqvi #yks #yaqeenkasafar

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3. And oozing out hotness with furniture to match


4. Here’s a mid-post throwback image with him just melting us all

Im looking for something. Any guesses? #yyc #traintracks #tok #yaqeenkasafar #calgary #

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5. And making us go just a liiiiittle week in the knees

Back at it again with the black and white. #b&w #ihaveablackandwhiteproblem #iknow #daniyalnaqvi

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6. Here he is with Raza Mir Senior, both looking flyyy

Eid Mubarak Everyone.

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7. We could literally stare into these eyes for long periods of time


8. And here he is, taking care of everyone around him with tips on hydration


9. And when he looked absolutely adorable, doting over Sammi

10. We get a sneak peek into his goofy self, as well…not that we’re complaining

Eid Mubarak Everyone. Photo Cred: Daniyal Naqvi #4amphotoshoot #daniyaliscrazy #goodteam #eidmubarak

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11. Don’t know about you, but he definitely makes out hearts go baaaaaaa


12. When he really made us want to join him on his yakeen ka safar


13. Aankhein dekhi tau mein dekhta reh gaya…

A post shared by Ahad Raza Mir (@ahadrazamir) on


14. Who can possibly resist this half-smirk half-smolder?

Had a great time at Ary Zindagi.

A post shared by Ahad Raza Mir (@ahadrazamir) on


15. Not us, for sure

Short hair coming soon…. RIP "long hair don't care" #throwback #haircut #goodbye2016

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16. Wouldn’t you want this man to serenade you, too?

And hey, the man proudly wears turtlenecks!


17. Juuuust gonna leave this here

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Okay last one, promise

Happy friday everybody ?

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We can’t wait to see more of Ahad, because frankly, we can’t get enough of him.  What’s your favourite Ahad Raza Mir moment?

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