A 16-Year-Old Girl Was Raped In Karachi And People Are Blaming Her For It

By Maliha Khan | 11 Aug, 2018

A young girl, aged sixteen, was raped and left unconscious at Orchid Farm House in Karachi. The rapists went so far as to try to kill her. They left her unconscious but she survived the brutal attack and was transported to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital under the care of Dr. Samea.

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According to circulating reports, 3 boys have been arrested, except the prime rapist.

16 years old girl rapped in Karachi found unconscious at Orchid Farm House near Gulshan-e-Maymar! Teenage girl fought…

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The horrific incident took place and what was the first thing that people did? They began to blame the girl that is laying on a hospital bed, after having to fight for her life. Comments that focused on victim-blaming surfaced to the top.

Some clearly said it was the girl’s fault.

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 Others actually thought she deserved it.

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They believed she was the real culprit.

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Some people blamed other factors.

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While some straight up claimed she wanted it.

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This mindset is terrifying, tbh.

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The victim-blaming continued.

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Some began to blame the parents, too.

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You’ll notice how pretty much every factor was highlighted in these comments, save the fact that the girl was drugged and raped. Did people care about the rapists? Not really. They sickeningly believed that this was “justice served.” That, in itself, is terrifying beyond measure.

However, fortunately, not all comments were like that. There were some people that understood the position the young girl is in and what society is saying is not what she deserves.

Some talked about how it’s important to raise your voice against such cruelty.

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Others were just as horrified at the horrifying mentality displayed in the comments.

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The investigation is still going on for this case. The main culprit is still roaming free. We hope he gets caught and the victim gets all better and stands up for the injustice she faced. How horrified are you by this shameful mentality? Let us know in the comments.


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