Actress Yashma Gill Just Opened Up About How She Turned From An Atheist To A Muslim

By Anoosha Rehan | 8 Oct, 2019

Yashma Gill just opened herself up to Samina Peerzada

Recently, Yashma Gill was interviewed by the legendary Samina Peerzada for her now (in)famous talk show. The actress talked about a lot of things but her spiritual journey of finding herself through religion definitely struck a chord with the audience. She spared no details in sharing her journey and struggle.


Yashma Gill just shared how she had lost faith and become an atheist because she started to believe that despite her good deeds, she was still hurt

Source: Rewind With Samina Peerzada / YouTube

She shared that in her university in Australia, she was quite famous for being the Pakistani girl who would debate a lot on religion. Because she was facing hard times in her life, Yashma had begun to believe that if there were a superior authority her good deeds would’ve met with rewards. She confessed that she wasn’t able to understand anything regarding religion despite all her questions, because she was blinded by darkness. She compared her faith or imaan with a phone charger – if your imaan isn’t charged with imaan boosters, you’ll lose faith.


Yashma shared that she made a new friend who helped her see beyond the surface and build her faith

Source: Rewind With Samina Peerzada / YouTube

Yashma Gill mentioned her friend Warda, whom she deeply respected. As a last try to gain her faith, Warda asked Yashma to fast regularly during the whole month of Ramadan and say all the prayers and seek help from Allah with a pure heart. In an attempt to prove her friend wrong, Yashma gave her 100% to fulfill her religious obligations. She said she didn’t even realize how namaz became such an important part of her life through this challenge that without it, she started feeling incomplete and anxious. Yashma also shared that when she started praying, she was offered a job, her relationship with her parents mended and that she finally found long lost mental peace.


She thinks it was very important for her to have been in the ‘atheist phase’ of her life to be where she is now

Source: Rewind With Samina Peerzada / YouTube

During the interview, Yashma shared the quote, “Never inherit your religion, learn it.” She said she didn’t regret the beliefs she had at a certain point of her life because they were important for her to become who she is now. She told Samina Peerzada that now she’s very content with her life and her journey has made her gain a lot of knowledge about Islam, that she might not have gotten otherwise.


Yashma also urged viewers not to judge her for what she went through and not to criticize anyone for their beliefs

Source: Rewind With Samina Peerzada / YouTube

Yashma urged everyone not to judge her for this interview, for this journey was meant to be. She said judging someone on basis of what they wear or what they do, is very shallow for deeds depend on intent. She also shared an incident of her on set, where a woman criticized her for offering prayer in makeup to which Yashma remarked that it is better to appear in an exam and get low marks than not to appear at all and fail.

Yashma Gill’s very raw and honest journey about how her beliefs and acts were changed, is very influential and brave. Her pure soul is reflected through the way she owns every path that she has ever walked on.


You can watch Yashma Gill sharing her journey here:



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Cover image via Rewind With Samina Peerzada via YouTube

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