Actress Nadia Jamil Just Revealed She Has Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer And People Have Nothing But Duas For Her

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Apr, 2020

Nadia Jamil revealed she has breast cancer

Nadia Jamil is a beloved actress and philanthropist. She has always been very active on Twitter and often replies to her fans on the website and shares a lot of news and tidbits from her daily life on the medium. Earlier today, she revealed something personal which shocked a lot of people.


Actress Nadia Jamil revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer

She said that she has been in treatment for four days now and had moved on from initial feelings of apprehension and fear to feelings of calm.


Nadia Jamil revealed that it was Stage 1 of Breast Cancer with a grade 3 tumor

She encouraged women to do regular self checks and always stay on top of their health; listen to your bodies is what she advised everyone.


She also reassured everyone that the news had not shaken her spirit and her smile was ever present

She talked about enjoying the little things in life and asked for everyone’s prayers.


People asked her for any advice she had about how she went to get a diagnosis at such an early stage

Nadia advised people that regular health check ups were very important. Especially for women over the age of 40.


She then talked about some children she had met in her life who had taught her great lessons in patience and perseverance.

She also shared the story of one of the children, Fatima, a young girl who had passed away from cancer.


After Nadia Jamil shared her breast cancer diagnosis said she would not be able to be as active on Twitter anymore but she was ready to fight and win against her diagnosis.


And people had nothing but well wishes and duas for Nadia

People had nothing but well wishes for Nadia Jamil and her speedy recovery.


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Cover Image Via: Rewind with Samina Peerzada / YouTube

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