13 Reasons Why Aamir Liaquat Needs To Be Every Pakistani’s Life Goals

13 Reasons Why Aamir Liaquat Needs To Be Every Pakistani’s Life Goals

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By: Mehran Jamro


To Greece, God gave Aristotle. To America, God gave Jesus of Nazareth. And to Pakistan, God gave Aamir Bhai.

With a kind of wisdom and intellect that not even the great Waqar Zaka can beat, teachers, parents and learned men all over Pakistan agree that Aamir Liaquat is the thang to us NUHthangs, he is the Gandalf to us Frodos, he is the Dumbledore to us Harry Potters.

And here’s why:


1. Aamir bhai never loses his cool

Even if Aamir bhai was smuggling sasta chars from India, and got caught by Rangers, Aamir bhai won’t lose his cool. Because he is DA BOSS (of sasta chars).


2. His smile is irresistible

Via: Twitter

His pearly whites shine like an angel in the sky.


3. Aamir bhai is BAD-ASS

He sure shows those infidel, RAW infested, war-mongering Indians who’s “bOsS”.


4. He laughs in the face of failure

“Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can give… it’s about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”- Aamir Liaquat, Tharki Balboa.


5. He has always encouraged us mere mortals during our hard times

He has always cheered us on to do the best we can in life. We all owe our successes to bhai jaan Q Mobile walay.


6. Aamir bhai is very down to earth

He always loves to do things the desi way.


7. He is the perfect rishta for every woman out there

“Faizaa laga ke rakhna

Doli saja ke rakhna

Lene tujhe o gori

Aayenge Aamir bhaiyaa”


8. Aamir bhai has a killer sense of humor

Via: Pak101

Wow! it’s so damn funny when Aamir bhai re-enacts a young girl contemplating suicide. OHMIGAWD!!! Just look at that face, so effing funny, isn’t it? That is just like how the corpses of depressed, suicidal girls look like when they finally kill themselves. (-__-)

Aamir bhai, you never lose your charm.


9. Aamir bhai is immortal

Via: Pak101

Even your kids might be granted his deedar in Ramazan.


10. Aamir Liaquat is an expert on Ghalib movies


^^Aamir Liaquat contemplating love and life after death, as his soul is being astral projected throughout the whole universe.


11. Aamir bhai is the second smartest person in Pakistan, after Waqar Zaka

Source: The News Tribe

No, silly! I’m just kidding, Aamir bhai iz da smartesttest.


12. He is the king of game show hosts

Syed Saad/MangoBaaz

Can you feel bhai’s love (tonight)?


13. Aamir bhai is a certified scholar *case closed*

Source: Brandsynario

We all agree, right? (case closed?)


BONUS. Aamir bhai and Taher Shah secretly have a thing going on (how scandalous)

Source: Ministry of LOLType Affairs

Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming, we all had our suspicions, now they’ve been proven correct. It’s a win-win situation, em i rite? And we all love Taher Shah too.

If you don’t agree with these infallible arguments showing how much of a phenomenon Aamir bhai is, then like the great Aamir bhai says just go “chod do” yourself.



About the Author: Mehran is a devout napper. Music mawali. Apple sidra is my chars. Samosas are my weakness. 

Cover Image via: Geo TV

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