Aamir Liaquat Coming Back On TV Is Either The Smartest Or Dumbest Thing He's Ever Done

By Biya Haq | 30 May, 2018

Not that this is a secret in any sense, but Aamir Liaquat is his own special brand of entertainment. Recently, he has been playing what can only be described as a game of ping pong with his credibility.

First, when he walked off of his own show,

Source: BOL Network

Which led to a 30-day ban off of TV,

Source: MangoBaaz

Which subsequently landed him a ban off of Facebook.

Source: Facebook Via Search, Aamir Liaquat

And just as we thought the Aam-fanatic was learning his lesson of sitting down and shutting it, he did the unthinkable.

*Drum roll, please*

Source: Giphy

Aamir Liaquat has come back to his show, days after being banned from appearing on TV by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).

Yep. Let’s have a moment of silence for Aamir’s publicist who is probably on the verge of a mental/emotional breakdown.

And though this may seem like absolute insanity, which it is, there actually may be a loophole here through which Mr. Liaquat most eagerly dove into.

According to the Islamabad High Court (IHC), the ban has been lifted on Liaquat on the condition that he can appear on television shows but has kept the decision to suspend his Ramazan show on Bol TV.

So basically, this could be the smartest thing that Liaquat has ever done in regards to his career, in the sense that he is following the orders strictly laid out by the IHC, however, at the same time, in theory, he is trying to cut corners on a ban that was put on him pretty much like, a day ago.

Check out that sneaky seat he took, not in the hosts’ chair, but in the side seat.

Source: Bol Network


Source: The Colbert Report

^ Us at the mention of his name every day now, it seems.

We’re not entirely sure what is going on his mind, but it seems as if Aamir is doing whatever he can to stay in the limelight, no matter what the potential consequences may be.

What do you guys think? Is he doing the right thing? Is he playing with fire? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: BOL Network VIA YouTube

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