This Week's “Aakhri Station” Episode Brilliantly Sheds Light On Mental Illness

By Arslan Athar | 14 Mar, 2018

The ‘Aakhri Station’ episode opens with Tehmina sitting with her father. In this first scene, her father brings up her marriage to a family friend’s son, Rehan. 

Source: Khoosat Films

She agrees, but she seems rather nonchalant about it. In this scene, we also learn that her mother has passed away.

The immediate next cut is the night of her rukhsati, and she’s in her new home. She stands alone in a room and there’s something bothering her.

Source: Khoosat Films

The next morning, she’s in her garden, again alone. As she plucks leaves, we see flashbacks of another woman who seems rather manic, we see her screaming and then suddenly fall and die. The obvious conclusion was that it was her mother.

Rehan sees her like this and comes in to in Tehmina that he knows what happened to her mother, but urges her to see their marriage as an opportunity to forget the horrors of the past and make happier memories in the present. In all this Tehmina remains silent, and it’s in this scene we really glimpse into how much her past haunts her.

All she says about her mother though is that no one understood her, and it’s in the way she says that it seems she too feels the same way about herself. 

One of the most powerful scenes in the episode is when we see Tehmina totally alone, with her thoughts- writing. She flashes back to her mother writing and being paranoid about anyone reading what all she wrote. She tears up pages in her panic and then suddenly we see Tehmina emulating her mother.

Source: Khoosat Films

The drama aims to show how one suffers through their mental illness, but also how the people around them just don’t how to deal with it. Rehan opens up to Tehmina’s father about how hard it’s been for him to get Tehmina out of the house or even socialize, this is when her father reveals that Tehmina saw her father jump off the roof and kill herself. This only reinvigorates Rehan’s efforts to show her that he indeed loves her and wants the best for her. As he makes more attempts, the more she becomes recluse. To be fair, every time he springs things onto her, and she obviously panics and closes herself off, be it lunch at a friend’s place or throwing her a surprise birthday party.

As the drama goes on, it really shows us how incapable all of us actually are when confronted by mental illness.

Source: Khoosat Films

Tehmina’s father clearly thought marriage would fix her, and Rehan clearly thought that making her socialize and be part of society will do the job. Both tried to mold her into the image they want her to be. Then maybe it could be said that no one really ‘understood’ her. This could help explain what happens next in the drama.

Source: Khoosat Films

Her greatest fears are played up when she learns she’s pregnant. She’s convinced herself that there’s something wrong with the baby since the doctor said to rest and gave her loads of meds. The show then fast forwards to when she finally has the baby. Like she’s unable to give love to Rehan, she’s unable to give their baby love. She knows for sure that she too will die soon like her mother did, she knows that the baby will grow attached to her, therefore, devastating her future, like Tehmina’s mother, did to her.

Source: Khoosat Films

So before her child became too attached, she leaves. 

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