Gigi And Zayn Broke Up And People Can't Stop Making The Same Joke Over And Over Again ?

By Sarah Babar | 14 Mar, 2018

Okay yes, we admit, we’re kinda really bummed that Gigi and Zayn broke up. Because, well, they were our hope for a better future. A future where couples who are made for each other end up with each other and stay together. But LOL joke’s on us because this couple is not together anymore. And while hearts broke all over the world, where people had planned their futures around this couple (lol jokes jokes easy), there was one joke that kept resurfacing over and over again, and it kinda opened our ‘eyes’. Get it? You will, read on.


But first, here’s a picture of the ex-couple (but still the OTP of our hearts)




First of all, this person who couldn’t hold her own emotions back

Source: @illinoisloyalty / Twitter via



Remember this tattoo of Zayn’s tho? That stirred up massive conversation on the Internet?

Source: @ZigiFacts / Twitter



Well it seems as though everyone had read our earlier piece and were really concerned about one fact in particular






Swear this person sounds like a mum from a kid’s teenage phase




This LOLS joke was also there




Source: @dosequisgifstotheworld via



This person had some more pressing issues that they needed clarification for, at that very moment, and that too from Zayn himself



It’s because of that, inni?



You were doing so well with the wishes, sweetie, so well




This person who was maro-ing chance for themselves



Aankhien milane waley tattoo kerwaney waley tattoo mitana nahi



Doesn’t seem like you’re giving him much choice now, does it?



Now look what you’ve fooking done, Zayn


Source: @vmas via



Because they’re such pretty eyes 🙁



Aankhein dekhein tau mein dekhta reh gaya



Poor Gigi doesn’t even know the world thinks she so petty



And this person, who just wanted to remind Zayn one more time, of what he’d done



Whatever the case is, whatever the tattoo is, let’s just hope that the two are okay, and that they don’t take it to heart too much.



Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Have Broken Up And It’s The End Of Love As We Know It



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