A Proposal To Call Liberty Chowk ‘Rainbow Square' Has Pissed Off Lahoris

By Noor | 22 Nov, 2020

Recently, a proposal was put forth to rename Liberty Chowk in Gulberg, Lahore to Rainbow Square.

The ongoing project in Lahore called Sohna Lahore aims to further work on the beautification of projects in Lahore. Several underpasses and roads were painted and fixed. The administration also started beautifying Liberty Chowk by painting the road around it in different colors and the change in name was suggested as part of the efforts done under this project.

Source: @locallylahore/Twitter

However, the proposal does not seem to come across as a welcome change. In fact, people are pretty angry about this change.

People took to social media to complain about Liberty Chowk being renamed.

In fact, most people rejected this completely.

People couldn’t fathom why Liberty Chowk had to be renamed. 

In fact, they went on to explain the meaning behind the name.

People tried to spot the reason behind this “obsession” with changing the names of places in Lahore

Many people analyzed the meaning to be completely different.

They called it an ignorant move. Moreover, they urged the government of Punjab to “act responsibly” by stopping this change in name.

People believed another “agenda” was at play.

Usman Buzdar was dragged into this as well

Lahoris really couldn’t hold back their anger over Liberty Chowk possibly being renamed.

Many pointed out that original names are interesting, and thus, should be used instead of the newly proposed titles

They clearly said that this change does NOT make any sense and hence, should be opposed 

So, what do you think about the new name? Should the proposed name for Liberty Chowk be adopted? Or should the government reject the proposal regarding the change in name? Is the change in the name really a threat to Lahori culture and heritage? Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.


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Cover image via @locallylahore/Twitter

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