13 Cities In Pakistan With ‘Interesting' Names That Have An Even More Interesting History Behind Them

By Rameeza Ahmad | 5 Dec, 2018

These cities in Pakistan have some very interesting names


1. Loralai

Source: bsahab.com

Hey, Gilmore Girls fans, this one is for you! I propose that we have a fan convention in this city because, well, obviously! This city is pretty small and is located in Balochistan.


2. Washap

Source: SaffyH / Flickr

Do you think people in Washap, greet each other by saying WASHAAAAAAP? Yeah, probably not. There is almost NOTHING on the internet about this city except that it’s in Balochistan and is shaped like a claw.


3. Samberial

Source: geoview.info

This straight up sounds like the name of an angel in Supernatural. This is a town in the Sialkot District of Punjab. But the name has nothing to do with the goras but with our own ancestors as mention of the area is dated back to the mid-1700s, when Afghans ruled the area.


4. Wanna

Source: dawn.com

The town is located in the South Waziristan Agency. The city was named by locals and not the goras since they only ventured to Wanna in the late 1800s and set up a cantonment in the Wanna plains. Before then they had no idea the place had existed.


5. Jamesabad

Source: weatheravenue.com

I have actually been to Jamesabad which is located near Multan and thought about James And The Giant Peach the entire time I was there. The city was named after Sir Henry Evan Murchison James, a British civil servant in the Indian Civil Services. He was the commissioner of Sindh from 1891 to 1900.


6. Diplo

Source: ecp.gov.pk

I mean COME ON! Diplo NEEDS to perform here. This little town in Sindh has a pretty cool name and I am willing to bet the DJ stole it from here and not the other way around. The city was founded and mainly inhabited by Hindus, even post partition.


7. Jacobabad

Source: beautyofpakistan.com

My 13-year-old, team Jacob from Twilight heart was set on moving to this city! And the city was indeed named after Jacob but not the werewolf from Stephanie Meyer’s books. It was named after John Jacob, an officer in the East India Company. His cavalry regiment called Jacob’s Horse settled in the area and hence the city is named after him.


8. Hala

Source: Raja Islam / Flickr

If you see me, make sure you HALA (holler). Yep. Maybe I just have a lame sense of humor but I really like this place’s name! Hala is an ancient city of Pakistan. It is a center for Sufism since the shrine of Makhdum Nuh is located there. And since the 16th century, people have been traveling to the city to pay their respects.


9. Ratodero

Source: tripmondo.com

Tell me this doesn’t sound like a football players name that you try to learn to impress your man crush. However, this happens to be a town located in Sindh and is near Larkana. The city is rich with Sindhi culture and is considered to be over 350 years old.


10. Pacca Chang

Source: geoview.info

Well, this is one city name our Chinese friends might not change in the future. This is a small city located in Sindh. I couldn’t find much about the history behind the city’s name but let’s just enjoy it because come on, it’s pretty fun to say out loud.


11. Abbottabad

Source: exploreepakistan.blogspot.com

This is by far the most popular city in this list. You probably didn’t even think about why Abbottabad is named Abbottabad, did you? Who is Abbott? Why is he so important? Well, the city was founded by Major James Abbott in 1853 for the British Raj, and I suppose if you have founded a city by yourself, you probably want bragging rights and hence name it after yourself. Which is what a lot of these goras did clearly. The Major was apparently heartbroken at having to leave the beautiful city and wrote a poem about his feelings as well.


12. Warburton

Source: placesmap.net

I have been to Warburton myself and to be honest, there isn’t much there. The city was named after John Paul Warburton, who was a high ranking police officer in the mid-1800s. His residence in the area was turned into a school and it is still a school even today.


13. Eminabad

Source: geoview.info

When I read the cities name, Eminem immediately came to mind because I am weird. The city which is located in Punjab, however, has nothing to do with him. The place is considered holy by Sikhs since it is supposed to be the place Guru Nanak stayed for 40 days to meditate. The city is supposed to be ancient and even though it sounds a little Anglo-Indian, the name supposedly comes from Ameen, a general in Humayun’s army. A plot twist that I did not expect.

Pakistan has a very rich history and the history of how our cities were named is even more interesting. If you have any information about the names of certain cities, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

Which of these cities have you been to? Let us know in the comments below.


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