These 13 Places Abroad Have The Same Names As Pakistani Cities And It's Pretty Awesome

By Maliha Khan | 10 Aug, 2018

Did you know that Pakistan has a whole lotta influence on the world? I kind didn’t. Prior to coming across this thread on Twitter, I had heard of streets and towns being named after people, colleges, historical sites, but never Pakistani cities. Oh boy, was I wrong.

According to this Twitter thread, there are streets named after our cities in Australia.

Above is the thread that started my hunt for towns and streets named after the cities of Pakistan, and the search did not disappoint. To my surprise, I was able to find a decent amount but the search was not easy.

Let’s get started.

I started out by looking up a list of cities in Pakistan and on another tab I looked up a city name accompanied by a search term like ‘road’, ‘street’, ‘avenue’, ‘court’, etc. This process was lengthy but definitely fun.

Google Search

Here’s what I found:

1. Lahore, Virginia, U.S.A.

Lahore, Virginia

This town has existed before Pakistan was even a country, but the town was indeed named after Lahore in Punjab in the 1850’s. It was named by a couple who visited Lahore and were so impressed, they came back and named it after the ancient city.

2. Peshawar Street San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Peshawar Street, San Antonio
Source: Google Maps

There is not much information available about the origins of the name of this street, but during my search, I did find there were a lot of listings for property on this street and it’s a tiny street if that relevant.

3. North Punjab Avenue Clovis, California, U.S.A.

North Punjab Avenue Clovis, California
Source: Google Maps

Again not much information on the origins of the name, but there are news articles claiming neighbors are turning against each other over a street sign. Apparently, the street sign for this road keeps getting stolen and neighbors are in war mode. In case the thief is Pakistani, I guess you can take the Pakistani out of Pakistan, but you cannot take Pakistan out of the Pakistani.

4. Kashmir Road Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A.

Kashmir Road Sedona, AZ
Source: Google Maps

No information on origins once again, but considering the surrounding streets, there seems to be a theme of influence from around the world. Pretty amazing to see how Kashmir was able to make the cut.

5. Punjab Street Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Punjab Street Raleigh, North Carolina
Source: Google Maps

With Ravi Road being the next street over, maybe its a desi thing?

6. Rawalpindi Place Ralston, Alberta, Canada

Rawalpindi Place Ralston, Alberta
Source: Google Maps

Considering Canada is full of us Pakistanis, it does not come as a surprise that this street exists.

7. Karachi Drive Markham, Ontario, Canada

Karachi Drive Markham, Ontario
Source: Google Maps

When I found this street in Canada, I did not expect to find another one named Lahore Crescent a little distance away from Karachi Drive. Take a closer look at the bottom right of the picture. Also not so surprisingly, there is even a Cricket Store on Karachi Drive (not visible in the picture above).

8. Pindi Court South Guildford, Western Australia, Australia

Pindi Court South Guildford, Western Australia

*insert ghissi pitti Pindi boi joke*

9. Chitral Terrace South Plympton, Southern Australia, Australia

Chitral Terrace South Plympton, Southern Australia
Source: Google Maps

Definitely wondering why this street was named Chitral Terrace, but it’s a mystery the Internet was not able to solve for me. Do let me know if you know the story behind this!

10. Lahore Street Wairoa, New Zealand

Lahore Street Wairoa, New Zealand
Source: Google Maps

Since it comes off of Lucknow Street, it is safe to assume some desi influence is definitely present.

11. Gilgit Road Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand

Gilgit Road Epsom, Auckland
Source: Google Maps

Well, well, well. Gilgit made the cut too!

12. Kashmir Road Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

Kashmir Road Glen Eden, Auckland
Source: Google Maps

With the number of people that moved to New Zealand from Pakistan, it does not surprise me they have this street.

13. Quetta Street Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand

Quetta Street Ngaio, Wellington
Source: Google Maps

Another example of worldwide influence in the area with names like Bombay Street and Ottawa Road.

If you know of any more of such places, we would love to learn about them. And if you know about their stories of origin, let us know!


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