A Mosque Has Been Made In The Name Of Junaid Jamshed In Karachi And It Is Absolutely Beautiful

By Biya Haq | 23 May, 2018

Two years after his death, Karachi has opened its doors to a mosque made in honor of Junaid Jamshed.

The singer turned preacher has been honored with a beautiful Mosque at Singer Chowrangi, and people all over the Internet are absolutely in awe of the structure, it’s beauty and the fact that it has been made in the name of Junaid.

How beautiful is this?

Source: Shan-E-Ramazan

Made in perfect taste and simplicity.

Source: Shan-E-Ramazan

The Mosque is a wonderful display made in honor of Junaid.

Source: Shan-E-Ramazan

Suffice to say, the mosque is a beautiful site and it’s heartwarming to think that so many prayers will be made towards him and his family.

Its opening is even more special as it fell in Ramazan, an already holy month.

People all over the Internet have been raving about the mosque and its beauty.

Fans who have seen the mosque and emotional when remembering the late singer.

As well as media all over the country.


The mosque is a beautiful tribute and Junaid’s memory will stay strong within all of us, especially now.

What do you think of the mosque? Of the gesture? Have you been to the mosque yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Shan-E-Ramazan/Images Dawn

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