A Gang Of Criminals Is Allegedly Using Uber To Rob People And This Woman Is Fighting To Get Rid Of It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 Jul, 2019

A gang of criminals is allegedly using Uber to rob people and one woman is fighting in court against it.

Iqra Hameed was going home after getting her hair done at a parlor. It was 11 PM at night and the driver started to take a route Iqra didn’t like. When she questioned why the driver was taking such an off route; he said it was to avoid traffic which made sense to Iqra but she still wasn’t comfortable.

She asked him to stop at an ATM and he avoided the ones in commercial and populated areas but stopped at one which was on an empty road. Once he stopped he turned to Iqra and told her that he was a dacoit. He instructed her to leave her phones in the car and to then get out.

And seeing how aggressive he had gotten all of a sudden, fearing for her life, Iqra did as she was told.

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She posted a status about the entire ordeal. A lot of people started to share the status and it gained enough momentum for a higher up in Uber Pakistan to call Iqra and talk to her. She was told while the company would not compensate her for the stole cell-phones, they might provide her with the driver’s information if she filed an FIR.

When Iqra went to the police, they encouraged her to file a complaint instead of an FIR since that would be a big hassle and require legal counsel.

So she filed a complaint only to find out that Uber allegedly refused to release the details of the driver unless she filed an FIR, and that is exactly what she did. She finally got the driver’s details and he was eventually arrested. And when the police questioned him they found out that he wasn’t working alone.

According to Iqra, the driver is allegedly operating with a gang who have registered fake profiles on Uber with the help of an Uber Dost agent, who takes PKR 1,500 to make a fake account. And these men have allegedly generated fake identity cards through which they are registering themselves on the app with multiple driver profiles.

It is incredibly concerning that anyone could potentially register themselves as a driver on Uber without any actual check and balance into their background.

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After all of this was revealed, Iqra claims she did not receive any help from Uber. She says they did not help her with registering her FIR or through any of the hurdles she has had to jump through since the incident happened. Her case is currently being heard in the high court and she hopes to get justice.

We also reached out to Uber for a comment:

“We are horrified by the reported act of crime and we have been working with the authorities to assist in their investigations. Uber is committed to connecting riders to safe and reliable rides on the road as safety is one of our core product attributes along with reliability and convenience.” – Uber spokesperson

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Cover Image Source: Iqra Hameed/apple.com

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