A COVID Positive Man Kissed His Boss As Revenge And Yehi Dekhna Reh Gaya Tha Iss Saal

By Umme Hani | 5 Dec, 2020

OMG! Having tested COVID-19 positive, the former employee of KMC allegedly kissed his boss as an act of ‘revenge.’

We’ve seen a lot of weird shit go down this year. But this…Honestly, it’s a headline I never thought I would have to type.

A former employee of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) had reportedly been suspended from his job on October 5, 2020, without pay. The man identifies as the former Assistant Director Land Landhi, Shehzar Anwar, whose suspension is reasoned by complaints suggesting his engagement in corrupt activities at the workplace.

Some reports suggest that these complaints were proven, and the employee’s past months’ salaries were withheld on account of failure to report to the HRM Department following his suspension.

Anwar deceivingly entered the KMC head office to get revenge on the Director of the Human Resources Management (HRM) Department, Jamil Farooqi, through a sweet (read: loud) smacker on the cheek.

It was after this alleged act of kissing that Anwar announced that he was infected with COVID-19.

This absurd attempt of getting revenge at their employer at KMC is not only bizarre, but also bespeaks the utter ingenuity of this outraged employee over suspension

Utilizing COVID-19 as a weapon is a thing now, apparently?!

As dangerous as this is, it’s also straight-up weird.

Unfortunately, the ‘revenge’ spree initiated by Anwar also brought bad news for everyone present in the building. The head office was in an uproar, as Anwar did not fail to interact with quite a few other KMC officers at the Administrator Secretariat earlier on November 4, 2020. It has also been reported that many officers quickly fled from the place in a state of chaos and bewilderment upon learning about Anwar’s diagnosis.

Anwar got a rocket from his former boss, Farooqi, for this twisted, yet extraordinary attempt at revenge. In addition, there is a good chance that Anwar might get into trouble with Farooqi as the latter reportedly announced to the media his plans to knock on the legal front door and pursue the matter in court. Additionally, the Director also revealed that he had contracted the virus only four months prior to the episode and will get retested soon.

This event was, indeed, overwhelming and filled with strange amusement, but also sparks legitimate concern. As amusing as it may appear on the surface, it is absolutely important to be more responsible and not risk other people’s lives!



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