A Car In Karachi Blew Up In The Heat And Here's How You Can Make Sure Yours Isn't Next

By Bisma Rizwan | 15 Jun, 2019

This resident’s car in Karachi blew up in the heat.

Karachi is literally burning, with temperatures soaring well above the levels we can bardaasht – and if blowing our minds wasn’t enough, it has started to blow up cars too. A resident of the city, Majid Hussain, left his air freshener in the car – because hey, we all keep one. Due to the immense heat, the air freshener exploded and knocked off the windows and the windscreens.

Source: Majid Hussain

He uploaded a video as a public warning, showing the car which had badly suffered due to the blast, and talked about how you shouldn’t leave air fresheners and deodorant cans inside your car especially in this heat.

Look at the culprit – an AIR FRESHENER. Just… this is madness. Karachi, you gotta calm down!

Via Giphy

The reason why the can exploded is because aerosols have pressurized gas, which is flammable and extremely temperature sensitive. When aerosol cans become over-pressurized, they can release the excess pressure through the nozzle and become uncontrolled flying missiles.

Source: Majid Hussain

They tend to explode at temperatures above roughly 48°C, and the temperature inside a car can reach 50°C in just five minutes on a day when it’s only 32.5°C outside – and we all know that Karachi is soaring well above that limit currently!

Source: Dawn / Nabeel Ahmed

Here’s the video so you can see it all for yourself!

While we have Majid to thank for this, it’s time you check your car and take out that air freshener or deodorant cans that might be lying around. You can keep a bag with all of the essentials that you might want to take into your car, or hang in those tiny card fresheners if you want your car to smell like bliss all the time!

Take care, and don’t let the heat get the best of you! Stay safe!


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Cover image via Majid Hussain/Facebook

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