330KG Man Noor-Ul-Hassan From Sadiqabad Who Came To Lahore For His Weightloss Surgery Just Lost His Life At The Hands Of Thugs

By Rameeza Ahmad | 8 Jul, 2019

Noor-ul-Hassan finally had his appeal heard only to lose his life.

A Sadiqabad native named Noor-ul-Hassan was all over the news and social media because of the fact that he was finally receiving treatment in Lahore. He had appealed to the army on social media to help seek treatment for his obesity which was now getting in the way of him even walking around.

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa took notice and ordered a team to organize an effort to airlift Noor-ul-Hasan to Lahore where he could be treated.

He was set to be treated in Lahore’s Shalimar Hospital by  Dr Maaz-ul-Hassan, a top laparoscopic surgeon in Lahore. After the surgery was completed, it was declared to have gone very successfully. The prognosis given by doctors was good and everyone was confident about his recovery.

Source: tribune.com.pk

He was being kept in the ICU post-operation for constant monitoring.

There have been various rumors floating around about how he died including allegations of medical negligence as well as claims that he died of a heart attack.

However, according to Ary News Noor-ul-Hassan’s death was caused by goons who had entered the ICU premises and caused havoc and broke machinery which lead to Noor-Ul-Hassan and two other patients death. The goons allegedly caused damage to hospital property because a woman they were related to died while giving birth at the hospital.

And in an attempt to exact revenge from the hospital where their relative had died, they decided to wreak havoc in the ICU which caused three deaths in total.

The entire incident is incredibly sad considering how Noor-ul-Hassan and his family were looking forward to the surgery so that he could regain his mobility and live a healthier life only for his life to be taken away after the surgery which was supposed to prolong it.

His death is a sad result of the hospital’s ill-equipped security. Just last week, a similar breach of security took place at Lahore airport, highlighting how fragile security in the country is. Institutions really need to look at their currently security protocols in place to make sure incidents like these don’t happen in the future.

What do you think of Noor-Ul-Hasan death? Let us know in the comments below.

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