3 Perfect Guides To New Year Resolutions

By Mahnoor Ali | 3 Jan, 2023

With New Year finally here and social media reminding you how you’re due for a fresh start in 2023, you may feel extra pressure to bring new change into your life. This desire to set goals and wipe your slate clean makes people feel more compelled to conquer a challenge.

However, New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap for being unattainable. So here are a few ways to make your resolution easier to stand by throughout the year.

1. Align Your Priorities

Align Your Priorities for new year resolutions
Source: Credit Union National Association

Sticking to a resolution is far easier when it aligns with your priorities. Think about the top five values in your life and consider how your goal ties into these values. Similarly, context is crucial to your plans. Our goals set the tone and motivate us to create habits but it’s actually engaging in daily, context-specific behaviors that create a habit. If you’re mapping out how to achieve a resolution, think about how this goal fits into your pre-existing routine. Make your surroundings accommodate your goals.

2. Break Down Targets

achieve your New Year’s resolutions by breaking down targets
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Additionally, jumping into a massive life change isn’t sustainable for most people, and far-reaching milestones can feel overwhelming and difficult. People often ditch their goals if they’re too easy or far too difficult, so breaking down your resolutions into bite-sized targets helps people stick to these goals.

3. Embrace The Failures And Be Persistent

3 ways to use fear and failure as assets in resolutions
Source: Workboard

Regardless of how dedicated you remain, there will come a day when you break and forget to follow your goal. Everyone slips up, but those who see mistakes as an opportunity for growth as opposed to failure are better positioned to move forward, so even if you mess up, embrace the rest of the days and remember the key to goal achievement is persistence. In fact, missing a few days of a new behavior doesn’t impact the habit-forming process.



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