23 Of The Funniest Lies Pakistanis Are Saying They'll Tell Their Kids

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Nov, 2019

All the lies Pakistanis will tell their kids

Internet is fun. Sure, lots of people have a lot of thoughts about how the internet is ruining everything but it’s got so much more to love. The youths are especially what make us actually feel there’s hope for the future of the world and its sanity, too. It’s these same younglings who’ve come up with a hilarious new meme trend that’s been taking over the world. It’s about things people will tell their kids.

Of course any meme trend has to come to Pakistan because we’re so good at taking part in meme wars, after all. So here are all the funniest lies Pakistanis are saying they’ll tell their kids:


1. Pakistanis can’t stop making up hilarious lies to tell their kids like this one about the origins of Superman


2. This person wants to ruin internet’s boyfriend Keanu Reeves for us by telling their kids a lie that’s equal parts funny and jarring


3. Naturally many people want to tell their kids about Pakistani politicians and Shireen Mazari has always been an easy target


4. Maybe you’re someone who would tell their kids about the time Pitbull said he would perform at the PSL opening ceremony


5. Or this Hamza Ali Abbasi look alike


6. People are also willing to tell their kids about the OG Imran Khan


7. Or this Spiderman


8. Of course, people are going to honestly be telling their kids who Priyanka Chopra is


9. Or this iconic singer


10. And this iconic chef


11. The history of Pakistan is also going to be shared with children


12. There’s also a lot of interest among people to tell their kids about Shahrukh Khan


13. And who the original Shahrukh is


14. Told you, lots of interest in Shahrukh Khan


15. Miley Cyrus and her iconic Wrecking Ball song will also be shared


16. And so will the starplus dramas of our childhood


17. And the legendary Harry Potter series


18. People said they’ll tell their children about their favorite sports icons


19. And important political figures


20. Even famous people who visited Pakistan


21. Or the famous ones who said they would come to live in Naya Pakistan but then forgot their promises


22. But the most iconic personality that people said they’ll tell their children about is this man


23. And this one

So what are the lies you’re going to tell your kids?


Cover image via: @ bhaya_69 via Twitter / @chaichaiye via Twitter

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