This Is How Different Life Was In 2009 Vs How Life Is Like Now In 2019

By Biya Haq | 17 Jan, 2019

WOW, a decade of change.

You may have heard of the ’10 Year Challenge’ making its way through social media lately.

Everyone from the Nawaz Family,

To Mathira.

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10 year challenge accepted 😍🙈🙂 #mathira Old me 🙈new me 🙈 #10yearchallenge Started show bizz in a very young age born 25 feb 1992 that’s the real date only used fillers for my lips one thing is for sure as you grow older your face matures the process from a girl to a woman is difficult at time I had a lot of acne issue people had issues with my skin tone and many things but you know wat beauty is with-in women judge women degrade them to hide their flaw why? I openly say I used filler and that’s it im a woman and a mother many things change with in and yes I was little bit chubby before I’ve lost weight to!! This is for all the girls it’s okay to be dark it’s okay to grooom your self it’s okay to have acne and bad skin at times no one is a Barbie and it’s okay to use make up tooo 🙂

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We have all gotten a good look into how much of a difference ten years can really make. SO! In the spirit of realizing things ~ We decided to take it one step further and make our own kind of ‘Ten-year challenge.’

Here are all the ways life has changed from 2009 to 2019 in Pakistan.

1. Instagram Then,


GUYS, IT DIDN’T EVEN EXIST. The incredibly addictive app didn’t come out until 2010. And okay, fair enough, it was only a year later but STILL. Wow.

Instagram Now.

2. Fashion Trends Then,

Source: Fashion Central

Fashion Trends Now.

3. Food Then,

Source: Bolee

Food Now.

4. Shaadi’s Then,

Source: K Bridals

Shaadi’s Now.

Source: MmFix Via Instagram

5. Music Then,

Music Now.

Source: Coingape/Business Recorder

Yeah, still pretty weird.

6. Phones Then,

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Phones Now.

Source: BGR

Lol, jokes on us, they are basically the exact same except the price.

7. Lahore Then,


Lahore Now.

Source: Pakistan Today

8. Makeup Then,

Source: Pinterest

Makeup Now.

Source: Womens Health Fashion and Beauty Tips

9. The Dollar Rate Then,

Source: Google

The Dollar Rate Now.

Source: Google


10. Humour then,

Source: Ownage

Humour now.

Source: Life wire

11. Wildlife Then,

Source: Zara Abbas Via Instagram

Wildlife Now.

Source: Zara Abbas Via Instagram

12. Pakistan Then,

Source: MangoBaaz Via Instagram

Pakistan Now.

Source: MangoBaaz Via Instagram

13. MangoBaaz Then,


Hehe, we weren’t around in 2009 ya sillies.

MangoBaaz Now.

Source: MangoBaaz

Big changes, huh? Have you thought of any others? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Fashion Central/MangoBaaz Via Instagram

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