Instagram Star Deepak Kalal Just Live Streamed Getting Beaten Him Up By A Man & Damn, It's Hard To Watch

By Rameeza Ahmad | 17 Jan, 2019

No matter how much you hate Deepak Kalal, the video is hard to watch.

Deepak Kalal is a popular social media personality known for his ‘offensive’ brand of humorous videos. And recently, his antics with his fiancee, Rakhi Sawant have been making rounds on the internet and have propelled him to even more internet stardom.


Deepak Kalal’s popularity began especially in Kashmir for some very odd reason

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Kano …. Pyar Muze kano.. @rakhisawant2511 Kuch to kano…

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Ever since, he’s been gracing social media with his very “interesting” antics

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Some kochakoch Moments with ma love @rakhisawant2511

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And unsurprisingly, while Deepak Kalal does have a few fans, he has his fair share of haters as well. And some people tend to take their dislike to another level, much like this man who decided to confront and beat up Deepak Kalal and make him apologize for the ‘nuisance’ he creates on social media.


The man identifies himself in the video as Deepak Nandal from Gurgaon, India as he beats the Instagram celebrity up

Now, hold on because this tale of two Deepaks is about to get interesting.

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So Deepak, the one who beat Deepak, the Instagram celebrity apparently saw on social media that Deepak, the Insta celebrity, was in Delhi and decided to track him down so a lesson could be taught

From what it seems like in the video, he asks Deepak Kalal to live stream the confrontation so that his followers could watch it since the man had a message for them as well, especially those who support him. It starts off with Deepak Nandal, having a hold of Deepak Kalal’s hair and pushing him around. At certain points in the video, he slaps Deepak and even kicks him. Deepak Kalal can be seen crying and begging for forgiveness.

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In the video, NandalĀ tells Deepak Kalal how his content is bad and corrupting children who watch him and that he needs to cut it out right away and stop making idiotic videos with his fiancee. Deepak then promises never to make such videos and addresses the camera and promises that he will stop making ‘vulgar’ videos.

Then his attacker takes the camera and addresses the audience himself, he warns those who support Kalal’s antics. He tells people to only support Kalal if he does something positive but the way he was receiving support for his vulgar content was wrong and he even abuses those who support and encourage Kalal.

He then promises to murder Kalal if he posts his vulgar videos again in the future. And if he does, his attacker promises to find him no matter where he is and finish the job.


Kalal’s “partner” Rakhi Sawant was very upset and commented how Kalal should not spare anyone who abuses him in the future since she knew people in high places and heĀ need not worry about the consequences.


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Honestly this reminds of the whole Waqar Zaka fiasco, to be very frank

“Trimmer lao”, remember that one?

Source: Waqar Zaka


No one is entirely sure whether this entire confrontation with Deepak and Deepak was staged or not, but the video is still pretty hard to watch

If you have the stomach for it, you can check it out here:


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Cover Image Source: Deepak Kalal

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