18 Of The Funniest Memes Based On A New “Sick” Trend That'll Make You LOL

By Anoosha Rehan | 27 Oct, 2019

The best thing about being alive in this era is definitely coming across the funniest memes. All of us, at least once in our lives, have attempted to make memes; and ever since I failed miserably, I’ve developed a lot of respect for meme lords. There’s no greater joy than waking up to a new meme format, and I am quite happy today.

This new meme format is making people imagine everything they can’t meme. Ironic? That’s the fun of it.

1. Imagine eating healthy. Hmm, doesn’t look like an idea to me

2. Stable health wasn’t meant for us

3. Lol, job kis kay paas nahin houtee? *Internal screaming*

4. Where are those early birds?

5. Relationships are for kids, adults have commitment issues.

6. No seriously though, please moisturize

7. Wrong? Us? Sawaal hee paida nahin houta.

8. Self-love is a funny notion, you see

9. Bills are no joke, son

10. LOL, Apple users not coming slow

11. This cracked me up

12. If my crush is reading this – hi.

13. LOL, sorry what?

14. One can hope

15. Very cute and not annoying AT ALL

16. Attendance is lame, anyways

17. Honestly now, putting other women down is really disgusting

18. And racism too.

Are you following the trend? Isn’t this fun? Imagine you not finding this trend fu- funn-,  I can’t even say it.



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