15 Of The Most Savage Jokes Pakistanis Have Made About Maryam Nawaz Ordering Her Own Food

By Noor | 21 Sep, 2020

Maryam Nawaz getting her food has become a hilarious meme

The recent “All Parties Conference”, or as some called it “Multi Party Conference” (since it excluded the ruling party) has become famous for the controversial speech by supposedly sick PML N leader Nawaz Sharif. However, one leader who has become a rather hilarious meme is Maryam Nawaz who was on her way to the Conference and was snapped while spotted getting food at the Bhera rest area.


As Maryam Nawaz was getting food at the Bhera interchange she became a meme and of course, Pakistanis have been nothing but savage

According to PML N MPA Sania Ashiq who shared the photos on social media, Maryam was ordering KFC for her staff but Pakistani Twitter has ensured that the picture went viral for all the wrong yet funny reasons.

Pakistani social media couldn’t stop laughing over the fact that how staged the whole “standing-in-line” thing was (remember when President Arif Alvi was turned into a meme over similar staged photo?). Well, this is exactly why Pakistanis couldn’t control their savage meme skills.

So, we scoured the lengths, breadths and depths of social media to present to you a collection of the most funny jokes over Maryam Nawaz standing in line to order her own food, and you surely don’t want to miss these so without further ado, here we go:
















So, while a lot of people continue to find out the reasons which ‘forced’ Maryam Nawaz to stand in queue and that too without a mask, the others are having a good time exploring the lighter side of the situation by generating some hilarious memes. It’s kinda surprising how this simple image was turned into a perfect meme fodder by the Pakistanis but we obviously know that this is something which the Twitter world is pro at. So, in case you want to share some good memes, drop them in the comments below. Also, let us know which one was your favorite from the ones we have shared on the list.


Someone Photoshopped President Arif Alvi In REALLY Unusual Places And I Can’t Stop Laughing


Cover image via: @SaniaaAshiq / Twitter

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