15 Iconic Photos From Pakistan’s History That You Probably Have Never Seen In The History Books

By Biya Haq | 25 Apr, 2018

Whenever we all have conversations with our grandparents or even parents about Pakistan, we all may see different versions of our country. Whether it’s the high rises now present in Karachi or the bridges and shopping malls built in Lahore.

There is always something new to learn about our lovely piece of land.

And thanks to the Internet, we have the ability to see a whole new side of Pakistan, one many of us never knew existed.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

“The women on the cover of the May 1972 issue of Pakistan’s The Herald look like they could be in Miami or Athens. The magazine initially focused on the changing fashion and social trends of urban Pakistani youth.”


Thanks to the Facebook page, ‘Widi’s Pro,’ the world now has access to some of the most amazing pictures from our past years. And in my opinion, some of the best years Pakistan ever had.

LIKE WOW. And if you don’t believe me, you will in the next couple of images.

YUP! That is Mr. Baraaaaaaaaaak Obama baby.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

Future US President, Barak Obama with a Pakistani friend in Karachi in 1982 — with Rameez Asif.”

Just a couple of kids, hanging out, smoking – CASUALLY. Literally just casually. No issues, no nothing.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

A group of students hang-out for a smoke and a chat outside the main canteen of the Punjab University in Lahore (1973).” (Photo: The Herald)

Just a couple of our cricketers, living their best lives in Syndey, drinking beer and hanging out. LOVE IT.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

Pakistani cricket batsman Sadiq Muhammad (left) and former Pakistani cricket captain Mushtaq Muhammad share a beer in Sydney in 1977. Later that year, alcohol would become illegal for Muslims in Pakistan.”

If this isn’t the most badass thing you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

East Pakistani women march with guns on the streets of Dhaka in a show of defiance against the West Pakistan military establishment (1971).”

And the most iconic.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

Former Pakistan military dictator, General Yahya Khan having dinner with famous Pakistani singer, Noor Jehan in 1969. Yayah was having an affair with the popular vocalist and former actress.” 

Brb, making my reservation for some wining and dining in 1969.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

“Pakistanis and tourists wine and dine at Karachi’s Beach Luxury Hotel in 1969.”

Women had cigarettes made specifically for them. Yeah, this may be a bit sexist but it’s better to be shamed for having a single one.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

“A 1963 ad for the Tudor cigarette brand. Tudor was launched by the Pakistan Tobacco Company specifically to target the market of women smokers in Pakistan.”

*Also just saying, smoking is bad for both sexes, no discriminating. Love you.*

Well, this is literally the most epic picture to ever literally exist.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

“1980s: Sultan Rahi (“Maula Jutt”) and Muhammad Ali.”


Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

Also, Robert Di Niro has not aged a second.^

Famous American film actor and star, Robert Di Niro (left) during a pleasure trip in Chitral, north Pakistan.”

Not hard to believe considering how talented Pakistanis are. Love this.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

“In 1967, a group of Pakistani high school kids designed the above-seen car all on their own. Dubbed as ‘The first car made in Pakistan,’ the car soon vanished from the country’s memory but the students all ended up getting scholarships to prestigious American engineering universities.”

Yup, that is Barack Obama again.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

Future US President Barak Obama visited Karachi as a visiting university student and stayed with a roommate of his in Karachi (1981). Photographer’s own copyright — with Ahsan Kazmi and Muhammad Shahban Hullio.”

Oh PIA, how the mighty have fallen. Still, love you.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

“Paris? Istanbul? Kuwait? Nairobi? Baghdad? Doha? Bahrain? Jeddah? PIA was among the top ten airlines during 1960’s.”

Nothing but puppies and playtime, what a Pakistan.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

Fatima Jinnah, sister of the founder of Pakistan, Muhamad Ali Jinnah, playing with her dog at her residence in Karachi in 1959.”

And finally, the holy grail.

Source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

A 1955 bottle of Pakola. Every Pakistani knows about Pakola Ice-Cream Soda. The bright green colored soft-drink that is also hailed (unofficially, though) to be ‘Pakistan’s national soft-drink.’  But for the first few years, Pakola struggled to find a market for itself that was packed with popular soft-drinks such as Coca-Cola, 7Up, and Bubble-Up. By the 1970s however, Pakola finally established itself as a popular soft-drink”

What do you think of the old Pakistan? Prefer it over the new one? What was your favorite image? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Cover photo source: Widi’s Pro Via: Facebook

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