13 Times Berlin Was Secretly Your Favorite Character In ‘Money Heist'

By Anoosha Rehan | 20 Oct, 2019

Berlin from Money Heist is my obsession

La Casa De Papel, commonly known as Money Heist, has made A LOT of noise in the past few months and it totally makes sense, why. With a perfect combination of thriller, drama, and crime, the characters and storyline of this show compare to none other. Everyone who has watched Money Heist, has truly lived with it. While the show gave us an insight into all the characters, everyone cannot help but just love Berlin, the captain assigned for the heist.

Although, initially Berlin might have appeared as bossy and somewhat selfish, yet his true self was only revealed over time and I’m helplessly in love with his beautiful soul. Here are a few instances when my heart couldn’t handle Berlin:

1. His first encounter with Arturo is ICONIC. “Do you like movies?”

Source: Vancouver Media

Everyone who has watched the show can relate to how annoying Arturo’s character really is. When he tried to peek through his blindfold, one would expect the robbers to get angry but Berlin is never what you expect. His encounter with Arturo is my favorite of all times.

“Do you like movies?”

“I am a big fan.”

“Arturo, have you noticed how in horror movies, in the beginning, there’s always a nice guy and you say to yourself, “He’s gonna get himself killed,” and then it happens – he gets killed. Arturo, trust me you’re gonna be that guy.”

2. The time when Berlin from Money Heist talked about his heartbreak. “Believe me, I’ve had five divorces. Do you know what five divorces are? Five times I believed in love.”

In a conversation with Rio, Berlin talked about how his five divorces were proof of him believing in love. Every time he talked, we got to see a side of Berlin we never would’ve seen coming.

3. The time Berlin almost shoots Denver because his integrity is greater than anything in the world

Source: Vancouver Media

After finding out that Berlin is an egocentric narcissist with delusions of grandeur, the police adds some spice to make it to the news. Berlin is moved to the core when he sees the news channels accusing him of trafficking women and raping minors.

He says, “I would never sell women and definitely not children. My ethic code doesn’t let me do it.” While Nairobi tries to calm him down, Berlin angrily states, “What about my dignity, Nairobi? I have a reputation to maintain. Denver has screwed my honor and if someone screws my honor, I’ll destroy them.”

4. The time when we found out Berlin in Money Heist had a few months to live – MY HEART

Appearing very strong and selfish on the outside, one could never have comprehended that Berlin was counting his days to live. Raquel Murillo found out that Berlin was taking regular medications and injections because he suffered from a rare degenerative neurological disorder known as ‘Helmer’s myopathy’ and had around seven months to live. This twist was by far the one that made me fall in love with him even more. Although he had nothing to gain from the heist, yet he wouldn’t let anyone screw with the perfect plan and he did everything to make sure things were smooth.

5. When he asked Professor to promise he’d leave if things got ugly

Source: Vancouver Media

The last night before leaving for the heist, Berlin asked the Professor to promise him to leave the hangar if things got ugly. On Professor’s constant denial, Berlin threatened the professor to withdraw his services as the captain if he didn’t agree. They then ended up singing the signature Bella Ciao. Contrary to how some people perceive Berlin, he was actually a softie at heart but acted all strong on the surface.

6. When he turned Tokyo in by rolling her down the stairs

As psychopathic as it might have appeared to the viewers then, it was one of Berlin’s wisest moves and definitely the sweetest form of revenge. Ever since the heist began, Tokyo’s impulsive and rebellious nature was a constant threat. Her ‘Russian roulette’ was the final nail in the coffin.

What Berlin did next had everyone screaming! He rolled Tokyo down the marble stairs after exchanging these words, “You look like a birthday present – you’re only missing the bow. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


7. The moment when he talked about ‘last times’

Berlin Money Heist love
Source: Vancouver Media

“But last times are beyond comparison, they are priceless. But people don’t normally know it’s their last time. You see, I have six months left to live or four or even less,” said Berlin to Ariadna. And we were not prepared for him to talk about his death like that!

8. When he spoke about his integrity in front of the news

After summoning a team of journalists inside, Berlin spoke about how his integrity and dignity were dragged through the mud due to the blatant lies of the police. His words had everyone crying, “I may be a thief but I’ve never in my life sold anyone, I’ve never in my life sold a woman, I’d never do something as terrible as trafficking or raping minors – that’s not me.”

He added, “I’m a thief but I’ve every right in the world not to be defamed, I have the same right as anyone else to die in peace.”

9. When Berlin in Money Heist stepped in to take charge

After Nairobi allegedly said Berlin was ‘indisposed’ to take charge, she stepped in to control the hostages. Soon enough, she realized she wasn’t capable of it. While Nairobi was begging for respect from the hostages, Berlin stepped in and took in charge. “This is a marvelous moment,” he said.

Berlin Money Heist bandana
Source: Vancouver Media

10. The moment when he sacrificed his life

After the police discovered the tunnel, they hit the jackpot. Nairobi, Helsinki, and Berlin were still in the tunnel. Berlin pushed them to go away and stayed inside for the ‘resistance.’ The Professor called and this exchange of conversation had my heart sinking.

“Andres, get in the tunnel.”

“It’s too late.”

“I am not leaving without you, you know that.”

“Old age wasn’t meant for me. I love you, little brother, don’t forget that.”

11. When Berlin from Money Heist proved to be a man of his words

In a flashback scene, Berlin made a promise to Moscow to risk his life for him and the team. Berlin said, “Despite your habits learned in a shit-hole boarding school and your fondness of crossword puzzles, if the two of us go in together, we come out together.” And he meant it. And he proved it by sacrificing his life inside the mint, where Moscow died.

Berlin Money Heist Firing
Source: Vancouver Media

12. Berlin’s final words

“I’ve spent my life being a bit of an asshole, but today I think I feel like dying with dignity.”

13. When we found out Berlin of Money Heist was Professor’s brother

Berlin Money Heist Professor Brother
Source: Vancouver Media

Earlier in the show, Tokyo was upset about how Berlin was the only one to know Professor’s real name. It then only seemed like a coincidence, given the closeness Professor Sergio and Andres seemed to share. It was only after his death that we got to know whenever Berlin said “little brother”, he meant it, literally. While talking to Berlin’s friend, Professor burst into tears saying, “I didn’t consider my brother’s death. Not even once.”

Whether you hate him or love him, but you just cannot deny Berlin’s impact and elegance. He was a born leader and the epitome of class and patience. Had it not been him, the heist could’ve never worked. Berlin was a mysterious character; one you could never read, but his sacrifice for the team made everyone fall in love with him. Who’s your favorite character from the show? Let us know in the comments below!


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