13 Things You Can’t Avoid In Pakistan

13 Things You Can’t Avoid In Pakistan

13 Things You Can’t Avoid In Pakistan

Pakistan is a very diverse place. And like any other diverse country, there are certain things you can’t avoid, and some of them you shouldn’t.


1. Food

Every occasion has to be centered on food. Whether it be an engagement, friends hanging out or a simple conversation, food comes first.

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2. Family Taunts

Failed a test? They’re coming.  Didn’t get the job? They’re coming again.  Gained weight? A super smart cousin is going to be compared with you.  Low GPA? A bright student will be compared to you.  Behold! A long list of insults and taunts is coming your way that would shame you.

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3. Broken Roads

Despite new roads being built every other day, the roads just outside your home could be damaged. With all the road building projects, why do roads break after such a short duration?  Substandard materials, that’s why.

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4. Distinctions Based on Cities

Are you from Lahore? They are quite sophisticated! Are you from Karachi? They speak very differently. Are you from Islamabad? Oh, that’s a boring city. Are you from Rawalpindi? Jaa oye Pindi boy.

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5. Distant Relatives

They’ll be sitting in your living room one fine day when you have plans with your friends. Your parents call you to meet your father’s cousin’s son’s daughters while you couldn’t care less about the distant relation.

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6. Exploiters

They won’t care if it’s Ramzan, whether you have to rush somewhere in a hurry or anything else. They survive by making money off people’s problems. That includes all the hoarders, rickshaw drivers and Ramzan bazaar operators.

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7. Gazing Passerby

It’s like they’re trying to look into your soul for some reason.  Things are much worse women.

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8. Caste Stereotypes

“Sheikh kanjoos hotay hain!”

“Khan bewaqoof hotay hain!”

“Araain matlabi hotay hain!”

It’s high time we drop all the stereotypes and focus on standing up as one nation.

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9. Roadside Stalls

They might come in handy when you’re thirsty or can’t find any other place do buy things from. However, at times they can be a nuisance due to their ill-maintenance and obstruction on the otherwise open road.

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10. Spoiled Brats

They don’t care if it’s safe or not. Everything belongs to them according to their parents. They won’t think twice while violating the speed limit and crushing you in the process.

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11. Bribes

Business tycoon Malik Riaz says he’ll put tires beneath the files to get work done on time. If you want your work done, money is the answer. If you want to get it done faster, money is again the answer. Sad story, but this is how some businesses operate in Pakistan.

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12. Talk Show Fights

It’s hard to tell if people are having a debate or a fight. The anchors add more fuel to the fire by bringing up topics they know politicians will fight over. Best course of action? Turn off the television to live in peace.

Source:  PakistanNewsUrdu


13. Lawn Wars

It’s hard to drive past any location without seeing a lawn ad on the billboards. In Pakistan, they’re virtually everywhere and every other day you see other lawn businesses coming to limelight. There’s an uncle by the name of Amir Liaquat who has also hopped in this war recently.

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What other unavoidable things in Pakistan can you think of?

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