13 Things All Single People Say To Make Themselves Feel Better

By Mubasshir Ijaz | 12 May, 2019

Everyone falls victim to the woes of singledom in their lives. I mean it’s not a bad thing but it does make one insecure every now and then. Your friends and even your family will make it worse by saying things like “when will you find a nice girl and settle down?” In your head, you’re thinking, “I try and I fail,” but out loud you’ll say something like, ‘I don’t have time for that.” LOL.

It’s also quite hard to grasp the reality of being forever alone when you see couples holding hands on the street, or when you watch romcoms with unreal endings, or when your best friend’s getting engaged. But, the biggest enemy that you have is your constantly nagging brain. But, through all the sorrows you have to convince yourself and others that you are perfectly fine being single and that you have a good excuse for it as well. So let’s talk about those excuses.

1. I’m single by choice

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We all know that’s mostly not true. You either have no options or you have no good ones.

2. I’m waiting for the right one

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You might die waiting if you’re too picky, guys. Love takes time and love, at first sight, is nothing but tharak. Think about it.

3. It’s not a good time, I have to focus on my career/education

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This is like a Pakistani rant. Almost everyone has used this excuse at least once in their lifetime. But, quite often, this excuse is genuine, so I’ll give you that. Career and education should come first.

4. Yeh sab fazool kaam hum nae karte

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This actually means ” Yeh sab fazool kaam karne keh mauqay nae milte humein.” As Shehzad Roy once said in his iconic song, Laga Rahe: “Shareef sirf woh hai jise mauqa nahi mila.”

5. Relationships? Tauba tauba

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Yeah, interesting how this tauba tauba disappears when other not-so-halaal things are being done. But anything to make yourself feel better, eh?

6. Kya faida jab shadi ghar walo ki marzi se karni hai?

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So many of our aashiqs have failed because they could not face their parents. Chand taaro ki baate karne wale toffee laine keh qabil aukaat paatay hein. It’s okay. Happens to the best of us.

7. I like my space

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Nobody needs space 24/7 – it’s a terrible excuse, people. Seriously stop. (Unless you actually need space to heal, in which case, go ahead).

8. Sab dhokhay baaz hote hain.

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Yep, that’s right. Everyone else is a dhokaybaaz. And you’re the only faithful human alive. I think not. Everyone gets dhokhafied atleast once in their lives.

9. I’m really busy for all this

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LOL okay. Whatever you say.

10. I have trust issues

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Okay so this can be legit for most people, but often, it’s also an excuse to get out of commitments.

11. Men are trash

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As a man…no comment.

12. I’m too cold, I don’t get attached

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I think a lot of us have heard this line in our teens. But honestly, I get it. You build up walls to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Probably doesn’t work, but khair hai. We learn and we grow.

13. All the mushy stuff makes me barf

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This means that I have had my heart broken badly or that I’m embarrassed about how little experience I have. LOL.


It is what it is for single folks, you know? Anyway, what else have you heard single folks say? Let us know in the comments below.


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