13 Things All Elder Siblings Have Done But They Never Let The Younger Ones Do It

By Momina Mindeel | 16 May, 2020

Elder siblings khud sab kuch kar lete hain

Being a desi is a struggle in itself but shit gets real if you are a younger sibling at a desi household. You will have to bear the wrath of your elder siblings who were treated as guinea pigs by your parents and now they will project all your insecurities on you. Here’s, therefore, a list of all things notorious that desi elder siblings have done in their lives but don’t want their younger siblings to do just because they’re older.


1. Dating is something elder siblings will indulge in themselves but will be all “haww haye” when the younger one wants to do it

‘You don’t know anything about people. You’ll end up heartbroken’

2. The elder siblings will do all the besharam smoking themselves but won’t let you do it

‘If I ever see a cigarette in your hand, I won’t think twice before telling Ammi

3. Parents won’t have an issue letting your elder siblings in staying out late but God forbid you try to do it

Ghar time se ao, I shall not make excuses on your behalf’

Even if you’ve done that a billion times for them.

Source: MD Productions

4. Getting a mobile phone is something elder siblings have enjoyed as a privilege from a very young age but not the younger ones

5. The elder siblings also get the privilege to enjoy social media 

6. They’re even allowed to drive a bike, way younger than you are allowed to

Via Tumblr

7. Going on college trips is another benefit that is reserved for the bara bacha

8. You would never be allowed to sleep over at friends’ houses but the elder sibling is free to do as they please

9. The elder siblings will even have the freedom to choose a career freely while you will be stuck fulfilling your parents’ dream

Kuch mujh se seekho, tmhain bhi zindagi main dhakay khanay hain? Passion wassion kuch nai hota’

Source: Ali Rush / YouTube

10. They’re even allowed to lock their room’s door 

‘Kamra lock kar k kia kar rai ho?’

11. Your parents would have no issue with them watching slightly R-rated movies/TV shows 

12. Or wearing thoray nangu pangu clothes

They just won’t let your wear theirs even though their entire wardrobe consists of yours.

Via Tumblr

13. And finally, elder siblings are even allowed to go abroad for studies but the younger one is stuck home because saaray paise baray walay pe rul gaye

Oh well!


How many of these could you relate to? Let us know in the comments below.


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