13 Things That Are Always A Source Of Phadda Between You And Your Siblings

By Sajeer Shaikh | 14 Aug, 2017

Our relationships with our siblings always tend to depend on circumstances around us. I mean, sure, we may love them, because we kinda have to. But there’s always the occasional sibling war that breaks out from time to time. I mean, are you even siblings if you don’t want to pull each other’s hair out every now and then? Kabhi kabhaar, you’ll fight with them because there’s nothing better to do and you’re bored. However, most of the time, there are genuine reasons.

Here are a few things that you and your siblings have definitely had shadeed phaddas over:


1. When one person “borrows” clothes or shoes without asking

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve got an outfit planned out and your sibling decides to ruin it with their existence? They’ll need the exact same pair of jeans that you want to wear. Or they’ll stretch out your shoes. Maybe drop some salan on your favorite shirt. Because tameez toh aati nahi hai. What’s more – sometimes, they’ll have the audacity to take shit out without asking. Matlab, hadh hai.

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2. Who will hold the TV remote

You’ll be minding your business, watching your favorite show, when suddenly, your sibling will want to watch something on the television. Usi waqt. Or they’ll just walk up to the couch and change the channel like you don’t exist. These fights probably took place a lot more before we could stream shit online, but like, that shit was nasty.

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3. The Wi-Fi password

Picture this: you’re streaming something online. Your siblings are streaming something online. You’ve got really shitty internet. So one of you asks the others to stop using the internet like it’s their sole possession. If that doesn’t work, they decide to change the password to block the others out. And so, war ensues.

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4. Car availability

You’ll need to go out for something you’ve been planning for a while, but your sibling will chime in with a plan that they absolutely cannot miss. This would be fine if the timings didn’t clash or if they didn’t want to keep the car with them. But obviously, given your luck, timing bhi clash hogi and their royal asses will need the car to themselves too. You just can’t win.

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5. Sharing food… or rather NOT sharing food

They will always eye your food and eat the last bit of the snack you were saving for yourself without the slightest bit of shame or remorse. Khaane ke waqt toh sharam aati hi nahi hai. 

Source: Sajeer Shaikh


6. Deciding where to eat for family occasions

Maybe they’re in the mood for tikkas and you’re craving a burger. Point yeh hai ke there will be a dispute over deciding where to go and since most places don’t serve tikkas and burgers side by side, someone’s going to be disappointed.

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7. Deciding what to eat at home

This is where your ammi gets caught up in the eye of the storm. A lot of times, you and your siblings probably can’t mutually agree on what to eat. And that is when the larayi will begin.

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8. The occasional snitching

Even though the sibling code is pretty tight most of the time, sometimes they’ll throw you under the bus to get what they want. Or maybe you’ll throw them under the bus to get what you want. This occasional snitching definitely leads to a temporary discord among the whole sibling dynamic.

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9. Money

Fights over money are probably the most common. They’ll take money out of your wallet (or you’ll take some out of theirs – you’re no saint, either.) Or you’ll fight over the money your parents distribute. Anything money related will lead to phaddas, tbh.

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10. Phone related accessories

Headphones. Chargers. Your second pair of headphones after they ruined the first pair. Why do siblings believe in “borrowing” everything that’s yours?

Source: Six Sigma Plus


11. When you have to share books

Kitabon ki qadar bohot kam logon ko hoti hai. With your luck, your siblings probably aren’t one of those log and will have ruined a lot of your books (or the other way round, too.)

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12. Friends

Isn’t it annoying when your siblings start befriending your friends and you’re just like bhae, stay in your age group and auqat? Or what about when they hate your friends or you hate theirs? There’s just a lot to fight about and a lot of taanas to give in that scenario.  

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13. Ammi abbu ka pyaar

This is just something that all siblings everywhere fight over. We all want to be the favorite child (let’s not kid ourselves – there’s always a favorite child.) So this phadda carries on for pretty much as long as you live.

Source: Oriental Films


Despite all these differences, you have to admit that you can’t function without your siblings. They’re basically your entertainment at home. Besides, you’re the only one who’s allowed to be an asshole to them. You would legit hunt down anyone who would try to hurt your siblings in any way. Because at the end of the day, after all is said and done, they’re your family and you love them immensely.


Also, btw, here’s a funny video on sibling wars:


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