13 Dard Bhari Struggles You'll Relate To If You're A Pakistani Sheikh

By Anoosha Rehan | 27 Jun, 2020

Being a Sheikh in Pakistan is a brave thing to do. You grow up listening to hurtful jokes about simply being born to a Sheikh family. If I came with a tagline, at this point it would probably be, “Sheikh hoon lekin kanjoos nahin, maaf karou.” Here are some struggles that my fellow Sheikhs would relate to. Don’t worry, we’re still awesome.

1. People always, always mock at how kanjoos you are.

They do not even second think it, “Bohat hee kanjoos houtay hou yaar ap loug.” I have lost count of how many kanjoos Sheikh jokes I have listened to while growing up. My camera roll is full of these “memes.”

Source: @NawabSays / Facebook

Ha ha, very funny.

Source: @Anazaadiwrites / Facebook


2. People are always asking your shaadi plans because they believe all of us get married at 18.

“Sheikhoun mein toh zabrdasti 18 mein shaadi houjaati hai na?”

Source: Hotstar

3. They also think it’s a sin for Sheikhs to marry out of caste.

Thanks to my friends for making my university life terrible because, “Tumnay toh sheikh mein shaadi kerni hai.” Does a little eye-candy hurt?

Source: Yash-Raj Films

4. People assume you are rich af because you’re a Sheikh.

Mujhay bhee samjhaou, KESAY??

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5. They always question which type of Sheikh you are.

“Ap loug kounsay walay Sheikh hou?”

Some even go to lengths to say, “Yaar ap muhajir Sheikh nahin lagtay.” Even I don’t understand that math.

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6. Just because you’re a Sheikh, people automatically assume you are not educated.

“Inn mein parhai ka rawaj nahin hai.”

Source: Oriental Films

Well, here I am, totally uneducated, zero-knowledge.

7. Everyone thinks your father owns mills.

Why is that even a thing? Ghareeb hoon mein, maan lou.

I COULD use that bathtub to drain my tears.

8. People think Sheikh boys leave parhai and take over their fathers’ businesses.

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9. They think all Sheikh ladies do is go to kitty parties.

Nahin, matlab kay aur koi kaam nahin humein?

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10. They take advice from you on literally everything because Sheikh aqalmand houtay hain.

From budgeting to saving, they all come to you because you know how to do it best.

Source: gif-free.com

11. People always ask you if and how you are related to Arab Sheikhs.

If I were related to them will I still be hanging out with you?

Source: tenor.com

12. Sheikh boys are considered a true Mama’s boy wala example.

People always assume that Sheikh boys are 100% dependent on their mothers and wouldn’t even carry out any basic chore.

Source: Red Chillies Productions

13. People think you are a darpok person.

“Haye, Sheikh logon ka toh chota sa dil houta hai.”

Source: Oriental Films

I mean, you obviously haven’t met me.

No matter how many Sheikh jokes you hurl at us, we love us! Can you relate to these? Have we missed any Sheikh struggle? Let us know in the comments below.


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