11 Tragic Pakistani Drama Characters That Totally Deserved Better

By Iman Zia | 9 Mar, 2018

Pakistani drama characters haven’t exactly had the most accepting of fates. And we don’t mean Ashar and Khirad’s happy ending, or Zarun and Kashaf’s starry romance. We mean the more ill-fated characters who didn’t particularly have the best of luck. Destiny wasn’t exactly on their side.


Saman from ‘Bin Roye’

Her untimely death came at the worst time; she was at the peak of her happy marriage, with a beautiful son too!

Source: Hum Television Network


Surriyah  from ‘Dastaan’ 

One of the sweetest characters on the show – she was brutally murdered during a riot (and she was heavily pregnant).

Source: Hum Television Network

Bano from ‘Dastaan’ 

If anyone has a terrible fate, it’s Bano’s. Her harrowing experiences during the audacities during partition eventually led her to lose all sanity – she ends up in a rehabilitation center.

Source: Hum Television Network


Osama from ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’

Honestly, you have to feel for this guy. He really adored Kashaf, he was sweet, kind and just an absolute goofball. He was left heartbroken!

Source: Hum Television Network


Suhaib from ‘Diyar-e-Dil’

He spends his entire life trying to reconcile his estranged brother with his father – and then dies without completing his life mission *cue tears*


Source: Hum Television Network


Sarah from ‘Humsafar’

Yes, she was absolutely mental – but committing suicide really isn’t the answer. Seek help! And boy oh boy, did she need it.

Source: Hum Television Network


Salar in ‘Sammi’ 

Salar was an angel who truly loved Sammi. Even though she didn’t reciprocate his love, he remained by her side until his death in a car accident.

Source: Hum Television Network


EVERYONE IN ‘Sammi’ come to think of it

Honestly, almost everyone had the most horrible of destinies. Rashid is a tortured soul, Chandi dies after spending a life in the shadows of unrequited love, and most of Sammi’s life is just god awful.

Source: Hum Television Network


Daniyal in ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’

Daniyal was honestly perfect; he took up a case despite numerous threats, and ended up getting murdered because of it – oh and he just got married too.

Source: Hum Television Network


Shireen from ‘Sang-e-Mar Mar’

Bechari Shireen. To spend your entire childhood/early adult life pining for your childhood sweetheart who you haven’t seen in years, only to find he’s moved on entirely so and feels nothing for you isn’t exactly the best feeling in the world.

Source: Hum Television Network


Afzal from ‘Pyarey Afzal’

Oh, Afzal. Someone with a heart of gold, but terrible luck. Just when he’s told the love of his life actually loves him too, he’s brutally shot by a gang and left to die in the middle of a road in the dead of night.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


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