We Asked You Your Favorite Romantic Scene From A Pakistani Drama, Here Are Your Answers

By Iman Zia | 5 Nov, 2018

Our dramas have long given us a plethora of tender little moments that breathe a gorgeous romance – it’s the kind of fairytale romance we all long for. We decided to ask our ShowSha followers to pick their favorite romantic moment from a Pakistani drama and they did NOT disappoint!


We counted up all the answers and ranked them below, from least voted moment to most voted moment.


11. The moonlit moment between Kashaf and Zaroon on the rooftop

Source: MD Productions


10. Ashar opening Khirad’s hair before they go out – Humsafar

Source: MD Productions


9. Asfy singing at the party, but really only singing for Zubia (and not being subtle at all LOL) – Yakeen Ka Safar


8. The baarish scene where Khirad plays in the rain and a besotted Ashar looks on – Humsafar


7. The famous chai moment when Kashaf realizes that Zaroon is the one she wants to be with – Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Source: MD Productions


6. Salahuddin and Mannu’s hug when they finally reconcile – Mann Mayal

Source: Hum Television Network


5. The moment Arsal admits to Jia that he can’t leave her – Suno Chanda

Source: Hum Television Network


4. Jia and Arsal’s wedding night conversation where Arsal finally says “suno chanda” – Suno Chanda


3. When Hassan and Bano reunite after being separated from the war – Dastaan

Source: Hum Television Network


2. Asfy telling Zubia he wishes their drive would never end when he’s dropping her home one night – Yakeen Ka Safar

Source: Hum Television Network


And our number one, most voted romantic moment in a Pakistani drama is…*drumroll*

Via Tumblr


1. Asfy and Zubia’s hug after Zubia tries to commit suicide

Source: Hum Television Network


Did we miss your favorite romantic moment? Let us know in the comments below!


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