We Asked Pakistani Women About Their Car Horror Stories And The Answers Were Hilarious

By MangoBaaz Studio | 5 Nov, 2018

If you’re guilty of exclaiming, “zarur koi aunty hongi” whenever there’s a car stuck in the middle of the road, congratulations, you’re part of the problem. Women don’t have it easy here, specially while driving when self-fulfilling prophecies set forth by the society are already working against them. But hey, we’re made of steel so we still venture out, get things done and look badass while doing them. Amirite, ladies? To show just that, we partnered with TOTAL PARCO for their #GariSeYari campaign to bring forward horror stories shared by female drivers and they were the absolute best.

First, we went around MangoBaaz office to ask the ladies we work with, everyday. Were there horror stories around driving? Hell yes, there were.

Biya talked about her first driving instructor who was on the phone throughout their “lesson”

The traffic light turned green and cars behind her started honking…it was quite a sight. Yet, he was STILL on the phone. Tsk, tsk. Kaun kehta hai aunties are the only ones doing this?


Rameeza recounted a story of a fateful taxi ride from HELL: Police showed up at her house.


Because the driver thought she had stolen his phone…


Jokes aside, she didn’t really steal the phone, you guys. LOL


Sinwan talked about being hit on by a 40-year-old bald uncle who wanted to “friendship” her.


Awks ~

While the stories from MangoBaaz ladies were animated, we decided to ask other women to share their experiences and…they didn’t disappoint.

Someone thought these poor motorcyclists were thieves while they were just…thieved by circumstances.


Stranded by the roadside:

These ladies took the car for a spin and…unfortunate circumstances ensued:

Look at this hardcore driver, she knew exactly what to do:


Help everyone avoid the stares…

“My mom was the one who rescued my brother LOL”


Shout-out to this top level instructor with the best life lesson of all time:


In all seriousness, everyday, there are tons of stereotypes that are attached with female drivers – “aunty he hongi”, “women are bad drivers” and etc. That being said, it is also a known fact that women take little to no interest in car maintenance and check-ups. Aisa kyun hai?

Whenever our car breaks down, we almost instinctively dial a male savior to come to our rescue. This is the mindset that Total PARCO is trying to change through their latest campaign: Women are strong, they are fierce and can conquer anything they put their minds to, so why should car maintenance or handling a little car emergency like a flat tyre or keeping track of when your car is due for an oil change with Total QUARTZ be an exception? Car maintenance or emergency automotive troubleshooting are not the most fun things to learn about, promise. Let’s make it cool, let’s make strong-independent-women-not-having-to-call-someone-to-help-them-out-of-a-pickle in vogue.

This post has been sponsored by Total PARCO.

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