11 Reasons Why Pakistani Actor Umer Naru Deserves ALL Your Attention 😍😍😍

By UA | 6 Sep, 2019

The Pakistani television industry has made drastic leaps in the past decade, due to which we get to see the best of the best when it comes to acting in soap operas and plots that have people hooked worldwide. One of the assets handed to us by this industry is Umer Naru, famous for his roles in Pyaare Afzal and Mor Mahal. Here are 11 reasons why we think that with his incredible vibe and multidimensional personality, he is ABSOLUTELY underrated.

1. His passion for theatre

The phenomenal acting skills Umer channels were found in his passion for the theatrical arts. He believes that theatre is an actor’s medium and a role in which the actor truly gets to delve into the character, and would pick it over television scripts any day. He has performed in multiple plays both locally and internationally, including Taming of the Shrew at the Globe Theatre in England where he says he gained a lot of confidence in his ability to be successful in a career in acting. And boy, was he right.

2. He absolutely smashes each role he plays

Mehtab in Pyaare Afzal. The sweetest devar in Durr-e-Shahwar. Dr. Mohsin in Dilara. The roles speak for themselves!

Hopefully, we can keep adding to the list.

3. His eloquence is something else altogether

Umer’s latest role was that of Shehzada Taimoor Jahan in Mor Mahal…and it has truly left all the viewers in awe. According to Naru himself, Mor Mahal aimed to give the audience something different to watch and gear the television industry towards more educational plotlines. The Urdu spoken in the show is archaic, and in combination with the absolutely remarkable production and cinematography, is also a pleasure to watch for all those language critics out there.


4. He’s always challenging himself to be better

As an actor, his motto seems to be, “Never say die.” He’s resolute, hard-working and constantly pushes the envelope to do and be better.

5. His love for literature

Umer is an avid reader. In an interview, he said that some of his favorite books include classics like Dune, The Idiot, and Sidharta. This only proves that the admirable actor has a true love for the arts – and is well-read too!

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6. He’s ALSO a kickass singer

If you haven’t heard him sing, you’re missing out. He’s just…incredible.

7. His work ethic is admirable

Umer states that he finds inspiration in an empty theatre, and will continue to remain selective about the roles he plays as they hold immense significance for him and largely pertain to the way he views himself. He has, in the past been very highly selective of the roles he accepts, and hopes to continue doing that in the future.

8. He’s basically brimming with all sorts of talent

I mean come on – the guy sings, dances, acts, writes and carries himself so darn well. Is there anything he can’t do?


9. He can play ANY role convincingly and have you hooked

In the live musical ‘Twins Apart”, Naru played the role of Eesa, a 7-year old boy, and had the audience in awe.

10. He’s drop-dead gorgeous

I mean…correct me if I’m wrong.

11. He’s criminally underrated

For someone who’s a walking crate of talent, we really wish we could see a lot more of him. Here’s hoping we do!

Umer Naru is a truly inspiring person both on and off-screen, and we are absolutely thrilled to see more of him in the future. Aren’t you? Let us know in the comments!


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