11 Reasons Why A Passport From Montenegro Is Ideal For Pakistanis Who Want Access To The Whole Wide World

By MangoBaaz Studio | 4 Jun, 2021

A passport from Montenegro is easy for Pakistanis. Here’s how

Here’s the truth. One simply cannot even fathom the efforts and struggles that go into actually being able to enjoy a fancy trip to Europe…let alone being able to relocate anywhere there. If you’re awfully annoyed at the thought of having to suppress the dream of living in an exceptionally beautiful destination forever and travel without a visa…Well, We’ve got just the happy news for you.


1. For all the dreamers out there who’ve always wished to permanently live someplace heavenly with no hassle, Montenegro’s Citizenship by Investment Program is ideal

Luckily, Montenegro’s CBI Program is now available for Pakistani people to take advantage of and you’ve got to check this out. The program is one of the most notable and competitive programs of citizenship being offered in Europe.

Source: hxlpartners.com


2. Having a passport from Montenegro, for Pakistanis, means ‘visa-free access’ in 126 countries

Ranking at 44th place according to Passport Index, Montenegro passport can let you travel to over a hundred countries without having to go through any ‘visa’ troubles.

Source: 1worldglobes.com


3. A passport from Montenegro means Pakistanis have a home in an outstanding holiday destination that will take anyone’s breath away

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram

Montenegro is breathtakingly beautiful, for real. This holiday destination provides jaw-dropping landscapes and immense beauty all the while bringing forth an enriching cultural and lifestyle experience. Best of all, unlike the other done-to-death European destinations, it hasn’t become overflowed with noisy, messy tourists yet.


4. The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program is actually a great investment opportunity for the entrepreneurially minded folks

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram

The program has been made easy for families striving to get second passports. Montenegrin  citizenship for an entire family can be acquired by an investment of only €450,000 in a government-approved development project along with a €100,000 donation to a Montenegrin government development fund in a short period of 6 months.


5. The state-of-the-art Porto Montenegro caters to all sorts of needs and is an incredibly comforting place to be at for Pakistanis who choose a passport from Montenegro

Located in Boka Bay, Porto Montenegro has specifically designed infrastructure for the largest yachts all the while catering to the needs of yachts, their owners, guests, and crew.

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram

With more than 320 sold-out luxury apartments and 70 units of ground-floor retail made up of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and amenities, and a five-star Regent Hotel, It is nothing short of all the possibilities of a comfortable life and enriching experiences.


6. Porto Monetenegero’s beautiful neighborhood, Boka Place is the latest development

Still expanding and developing, Boka Bay, Porto Montenegro’s neighborhood, is not only candy to the eye but also houses the first SIRO 360° Vitality Hub alongside 213 managed and private residences.

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram


7. With a passport from Montenegro, Pakistanis can enjoy the experience of Porto Montenegro’s latest development which will be home to the world’s first SIRO hotel

Bringing a revolutionary new hospitality brand to Porto Montenegro, The SIRO will provide an immersive living experience to all the guests and residents. Featuring and focusing on a wellness-focused approach to health and fitness, SIRO’s hospitality and vision perfectly sate the modern lifestyle appeal.

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram


8. With a new outlook on luxury living, Boka Place combines comfort with adventure for your ultimate experience

From bustling bars and bistros, elegant boutiques, live music, and family entertainment… Boka Place has it all. The air of the Boka Place sits well with the SIRO brand and their focus on activities, friendly spirit and transformative wellness makes up for an electric experience.

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram


9. With countless perks, the complex is home to a whole new world within itself

For a recreation-meets-indulgence match, the complex will house renowned retailers and galleries, as well as an open-air food hall and market design. The three-screen experience cinema and indoor climbing wall present within the complex would also add to the appeal of Boka Place.

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram

SIRO also brings forward a collection of super attractive 144 managed residences to Boka Place that are sure to be of the highest demand in the Porto Montenegro property portfolio.


10. Porto Montenegro apartments have been specifically designed, keeping in view the comfort of the residents

Wide-open spaces, built-in stretching and exercise units, air purifiers, ergonomic furnishings, and sustainable materials are all included in each apartment, making them all fit perfectly with the brand’s wellness and restoration emphasis.

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram


11. Powerful passport, a sought-after holiday destination, and luxurious living – what more do you want?

Porto Montenegro surely offers it all! Not only does its citizenship allow convenient global mobility with access to 124 nations visa-free, Its luxury lifestyle and incredible beauty sure strikes the right chord of one’s heart.

Source: @porto_montenegro / Instagram


Well, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Montenegro community? With its endless beauty and the utter convenience of getting citizenship, One sure can not help but think about it more. So for more information, click here.



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This post is produced in sponsored partnership with Porto Montenegro

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