Here's How Pakistani Internet Came Together After A Young Guy From Rawalpindi Was About To End Himself

By Noor | 3 Jun, 2021

Pakistani internet rescued this guy from Rawalpindi but we need a larger discussion

It’s a known fact that mental health is rarely taken seriously in our society. We have seen many instances in our lives when Pakistanis in general usually undermine the seriousness of depression and the importance of mental health but this one incident has proved that united efforts and support at the right time can help many people who are being affected by it.


So, here’s the story of how Pakistani internet came together to save this Rawalpindi based young man’s life after he posted that he was going to end it

So, basically, a teenager from Rawalpindi tweeted out a note that he was seriously contemplating ending his life and that he just can’t stop himself from taking this serious step. He began his tweet by explaining that he understands that he is blessed in comparison to many people out there but he is overthinking a lot of stuff. He mentioned in this tweet that he does not care about anyone now and he will commit suicide the very next day.

Naturally, many people got seriously concerned by the note.


Slowly, as the young man’s note got attention Pakistani internet started to band together to show the Rawalpindi based guy that his struggle could be overcome with his conviction and the love and support of those around him


And then stepped in the Rawalpindi Police who quickly got in touch with the guy under his tweet

The process to help him started from this tweet when police tried to look for his location.


A lot of people responded to the Rawalpindi Police in order to help track the teenager’s location and help him realize that he mattered to so many people


Finally, the Rawalpindi Police shared that they were able to locate the guy and ensure his safety

The police shared a photo announcing that the boy is safe. They even thanked all of those who helped them with authentic information at the right time.


People on social media were genuinely happy for the teenager and all of them patted their own backs for saving a life

They went on to say that this unity on the social media platforms ensured that the guy received the support at the right time.


There were some concerns, from the photo that the Rawalpindi Police had shared about what visually looked like a handcuffed young man

To be fair, these concerns weren’t unfounded given that only recently Punjab Police had shared a post stating that if someone who attempted suicide but ended up not passing on would be arrested for up to a year as suicide is criminalized under Pakistani law.

Rawalpindi Police should be appreciated for their prompt response and their flawless handling of the case which saved a kid’s life. Apart from this, the people who played a focal role in getting in touch with the teenager are saviors too and this incident just goes to show that while many olds may want to dismiss it but social media has real power. Support like this can save many lives which are being affected by deteriorating mental health and depression.


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