11 Overseas Pakistani Women To Follow On Instagram Because They're Absolute Life Goals

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 20 Jun, 2018

These Pakistani women on Instagram living in all parts of the world are so inspiring

Are you a Pakistani living abroad? Are you struggling with routine life shenanigans in a foreign land? Are you looking for desi friends to bond over a brewed cup of cardamom tea? If you answered ‘YES’ to all of the questions then you are in the right place.

From exploring the high life of Canada to hanging around with Kangaroos in Aussie land, these personal blogs are a must to follow:


1. One of the OG Pakistani influencers on Instagram, The Desi Wonder Woman is SO INSPIRING for her mindful living

Shehzeen bagged the Best Blogger award last year at the Masala Awards. With a following of 27.5 k on Instagram, this Desi Wonder Woman sure knows how to keep her readers hooked. Follow her new life, her new beginning in Sydney (Down Under) to find out what lies waiting for you in her feed, might.


2. The Spice of Adulting is a young mommy based in Canada who’s navigating motherhood and life in her own fun way

If you are a new mom who is looking for some inspiration (and a breather) then Anum is your gal. She defies all the odds of traveling with a toddler and makes it look so easy (the struggle is real, folks, lol). To find out where is she right now, head over to her Instagram.


3. Mahvish Ahmad is another Pakistani influencer on Instagram who’s made a name for herself with updates on her life, fashion and family

I want to formally do a blog on this but here are the highlights of Minha’s birthday Party yesterday: 1. The party was shared between Minha and her friend Isla. It meant dividing the cost of the party by half for the parents. Such a plus. It also created ease for the rest of the parents – aik teer se do shikaar so another plus🎉 2. We booked a little playground/party area with covered benches and tables in the middle of a forest. Nature is everything here and I love that🌷 3. We all wore pre-existing clothes. No 10K dresses from Monsoon, no 35K designer kaftan for the mother. 😀 4. Both the girls had home-made birthday cakes. No 25K fondant cakes ordered which probably just LOOK good. My cake cost me round about 12 Francs. I am a happy mom🎂 5. We didn’t put up a mini mela/life size walima for the kids. Entertainment included old school dancing statues kinda games and the swings and slides that were a part of the venue💃 6. The menu was mind blowing: chicken hotdogs, cucumbers, carrots, strawberries and pineapple. That's as fancy as it gets on Swiss birthdays. No pressure. Healthy. Economical. A thousand thumbs up for this🍴 7. The goody bags were based on simple candy and stationary – no customized frames, cookies and puzzles ordered🍬 8. The four parents hung up simple decorations and balloons. Haw event planner nahin hire kiya? Sirf 3 laakh wala? Nahin.🎈 9. We cleaned up the place ourselves and took the trash home to dispose off.🌹 10. Did the kids go home happy? Yes. Were the birthday girls happy? Very.🎃 . So glad to have learnt how to celebrate a birthday party FOR CHILDREN from the world’s happiest country. And one of the richest too….where people don’t put up wealth shows…’coz I guess they don’t really want to prove anything to anyone!💁 . . . . . . . . . #daysofschaffhausen #switzerland #home #daughter #life #momlife #blogging #lahore #karachi #islamabad #dubai #delhi #bombay #love #smile #instatoday #instagood #pakistanibloggers #indianbloggers #kids #babies #children #mother #pakistani #instakids #mom #woman

A post shared by Mahvish Ahmad (Safarnamay) (@mahvish.ahmad) on

‘Wunderbar’ is Deutsche for wonderful and that is what this blog(ger) is. Mahvish Ahmad, mother of two, is style goals. If you are living in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, you might bump into her while she is hiking or running for tomatoes to a nearby desi store for making Okra (Pakistani style).


4. The soft spoke Urdu Mom and her updates on education, food and family while juggling life in Canada are worth a follow

This Canadian-Pakistani blogger has her priorities set. She is on a mission to pass on the love for Urdu language and Pakistani culture to the generations to come. Follow her now to see how she is doing it.


5. This young single mommy in Australia is showing Pakistani women on Instagram how life has so much to offer wherever you are

Taking a break is so important in anyone’s life. Be it stepping out from your normal routine, or professional work. You always need the feel to just unplug yourself from everything around. Its like switching off yourself for some little time to have a better understanding of things around. I think that if you have so many things going around in your life or in your mind, you start feeling exhausted and stressed. But before it comes to the point where you start to breakdown, its always better to just stop and take a break. Because during this break, you can sort out things for your own betterment. I love hibernating myself sometimes from everyone around me not because I am tired of them but because I am trying to recharge myself. It’s helped me in so many ways. This little rest mode has helped me find the missing pieces of my life puzzle to create a better picture. I hope you all have had your little break because I just took mine😉🌺🌺💖💖 📸 by @chamakandmore Dress details Top: @forevernew_official Denim: @valleygirlau Shoes: @tonybianco . . . . #melbourneblogger #pakistaniblogger #instamom #bloggermom #desimom #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger #travelphotography #melbournekids #lovemylife #melbournekids #mommywithatoddler #toddlerlife #aryamumsyblog #melbournepaki #momwiththestyle #healthylifestyle #takeabreak #tonybianco #tonybiancoshoes #stylemom #denimondenim #mommygamestrong

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Follow Mumsy Farrah and Baby Arya on their fun ride in Melbourne, Australia. From parenting a toddler to slaying on a desi get together, this Pakistani blogger is clearly not messing around.


6. From Mummy to Nayel

As I broke the last fast of Ramadan this year and then as I was putting down my Ramdan decor , a deep sad feeling enveloped me – a feeling of missing someone, or waving goodbye to someone very close – like how we do at the airports.. and I kept praying to Allah swt to give me one more chance to experience Ramadan another year too inshAllah- . Today this email message from @little.wings.creative soothed my heart so I’m sharing with all of you too : . ‘’Now, I know there is sooo much reward in all that we do as Mothers and there is no greater responsibility than raising children. But it's hard to ignore the disappointment when you feel as though you've let the opportunities of Ramadan slip through your fingers again. . So this is for all the Mothers with young children who struggled this past Ramadan; . "Oh Allah, have mercy on us, bless us for the year ahead and give us the chance to experience another Ramadan… . Oh Allah, forgive us for any shortcomings as we struggled to balance our responsibilities… . And reward us immensely for all our intentions this Ramadan that were left unfulfilled… . Oh Allah, reward us for our patience as we struggled through our children's tantrums and fighting while trying to get them to school on time after waking up early for Sifr and while trying to get dinner ready in time to break fast… . Reward us for putting our children first, . For the efforts we made to teach our children about the beauty of Ramadan, . For holding down the fort while our husbands were at Taraweh. . O Allah, bless us with children who grow up to be strong pillars of the ummah and who please you, who are a source of barakah for us and who are amongst the successful in Jannah… . For You are The Most Forgiving, The Most Merciful!" . There is a reason The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said the most deserving of respect is "your Mother… your Mother… your Mother…then your Father". . So if like me, you feel as though you let yourself (and in turn Allah) down, then know that you are not alone. . Allah is aware of all that you do, not just for yourself but for others. . Ameen ❤️❤️ . . #ramadan2018 #motherhood #muslimah

A post shared by Tabinda•FromMummytoNayel•🇵🇰🇦🇪 (@frommummytonayel) on

This personal blog will resonate well with you if you are a mother who is trying to juggle with life and motherhood. Visit Nayel’s mummy, Tabinda’s blog for some good parenting ideas to know more.


7. Life with Ayesha Farhad

Originally from Karachi, Ayesha Farhad AKA the Crazy Ammi is blogging and walking on the London Bridge now. If you are looking for everyday hacks, this personal blog is your go-to place.


8. Sidra Saadiq is another popular Pakistani influencer on Instagram. She’s based in Dubai and has a killer fashion sense

Once upon a 'SAHOOR' time! Three women put their grownup kids ( aka Husbands ) to sleep Decided to hop around town in this heat! . Buffet or a la carte' ? How much can we eat? Tents or a restaurant? What do we seek? . Finally they landed in a lavish but cosy tent Where they enjoyed delicious food with AED 100 minimum spend . Mixed grill and assorted pastries were divine Mint strawberries mock-tail was our amazing find . Last few sahoors to go and you want to dine @habtoorgrandresort is reasonable and good food to sit back and un-wind. . Where was your best sahoor of the season? . –————————–— #dubaiblogger #lifestyleblogger #mombloggerdubai #fashionistamom #foodblogger #pakistaniwomanblogger #sahoorindubai #girlsnightout #ramadantent #thingstodoinramadan #outandabout #dubaimomexplores #redandblack #ramadanfashion #fooddiary #eastmeetswest #foodreview #fashionpost #latenighthangout

A post shared by Sidra Sadiq (official) (@dubaiconnoisseurconfessions) on

Sidra Sadiq is a storyteller who is not afraid to show her true colors 24/7. From inspiring you to shed a few extra pounds to dining out and trying exotic cuisine in Dubai, this blog has a little something for everyone. Follow her on Instagram if you already aren’t.


9. Flour and Spice Blog

Sugar, spice, and everything nice is no more merely confined to creating the Power Puff girls. Sarah Mir is using these ingredients every day to make her way through life. Check out what she is cooking today by following her on Instagram.


10. My Inspired Home

And just like that, the third day of Eid is over! 💗 I’m glad I hosted at my house and put up decorations and everything. Because the next Eid is coming in August and I imagine it will be very different and simple for me, God willing! 🙂 I was thinking perhaps I should just leave this banner on for the summer lol 😄 but no! I must move on to new projects. There’s one coming up next weekend inshallah so stay tuned for some inspiration! 🙂 Have a good night ❤️ . . . . . . #eiddecor#eiddecorations#eiddinner#eidlunch#eidtable#eidtablescape#eidcake#eidmubarak#eid2018#eidprep#eidpreparation#islamicdecor #islamiclifestyle #muslimblogger #momsofinstagram #modestmothers #torontomuslims #muslimmom #torontomuslimmom #muslimmoms #muslimbloggertoronto #torontomuslimblogger #muslimfamily#creativemuslimwomen#canadianmuslim#canadianmuslims#modernmuslim#modernmuslimhome#chaandraat#eiddecorideas

A post shared by Anam | Home & Lifestyle 🇨🇦🇵🇰 (@theinspiredaccountant) on

Anam is a working-mother in Toronto who shares glimpses of home decor, meal preps and all the fun in between! This artistically curated Instagram account will be food for your creative soul. You have to follow her to understand what we mean.


11. Conscious by Komal

Before you hit mid-life crises, head over to Komal’s Instagram feed as she welcomes a new quarter-life surprise every day. She is all for clean eating and will leave you awestruck by her not-so-typical-corporate style.

BONUS: You would not want to miss out on her travel stories.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these amazing blogs and let us know who your favorite Pakistani blogger is in the comments below. Have any other blogs that you think we should follow? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.



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Cover photo source: @shehzeen.r via Instagram/@consciousbykomal via Instagram

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