Instagram Just Came Out With A New Feature That Will Make You Forget About Buying An iPhone X Ever Again

By Biya Haq | 12 Apr, 2018

Let’s be honest, as soon as the iPhone X came out, everyone went CRAZY over it. (As they do with every iPhone, but you know what I mean.)

The new phone came out with a number of fantastic capabilities and features but let’s be honest, everyone got the phone for one reason, and one reason only.


Source: Sasha Mahmood


Source: Sasha Mahmood


Source: Sasha Mahmood

^Portrait mode, to be exact.

But since the iPhone X comes at a whopping price of $1000 DOLLARS WHICH IS RS.115,000, most of us have been sitting on our asses, without the new phone. But friends, we’ve got some good news:

Instagram just came out with a new ‘Focus’ feature, that provides basically the exact same quality of an iPhone X camera, in ‘Portrait’ mode.

And just to make it clear,

THIS is an iPhone X portrait mode picture:

Source: Biya Haq

And THIS, is the exact same picture, using an iPhone 7, with the Instagram Focus.

Source: Biya Haq

(Okay maybe not the EXACT same picture, Ali Gul kept on moving around.)


You’ll never have to sell your soul for Apple again! I mean, we will probably all keep buying their products but at least now you won’t have to sell an arm and a leg for yours if you just want it for the camera.

We are PUMPED for this feature and apologize in advance for all the pictures we will now be posting randomly using the feature.


Source: Biya Haq


Source: Biya Haq


Source: Biya Haq

Have you tried out the new feature? Isn’t it great? Want to buy an iPhone? WE DIDN’T THINK SO. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Biya Haq

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