11 Of The Most Not Safe For Ramazan Pranks Played On Pakistani Parents That You Should Never Try At Home

By Biya Haq | 10 May, 2019

Definitely Not Safe For Ramazan.

YouTube is a big huge place, full of absolutely incredible content.

Via: YouTube

You can watch birds waking up in New Zealand or watch footage of speeches made by world leaders and performances by your favorite musicians. It truly is a world of wonder.


But of course, what many of us are interested in, rather shamelessly, are prank videos.

Yup, pranks, are priceless.

Source: senorgif.com

However being in Pakistan, we know that our audiences may not always be susceptible to pranks. In fact most of the time, it just leads to a big can of baisti or a tight slap or two.

Just ask Shahmeer Abbas.

Source: @Shahmeer Abbas Official Via YouTube

Too soon?

So, it may not always be the best decision to carry these pranks out. So, for your entertainment purposes, we put together a list of pranks. Oh! And not just any pranks, pranks played on Pakistani parents. Oh yeah. These are the pranks that we only dream about pulling on our parents. Everything from pregnancy scares, tattoo scares and using drugs in secret- these pranks are just the kind of Internet entertainment you’ve been waiting for.


So without further ado here are all the YouTube pranks we could never pull off on our own parents

WOW, can’t even dream of pulling half of these pranks on my parents, I would be dead before the prank could actually happen. But take a look at these brave souls who are risking their lives for the views.

*No parents were harmed in the making of these prank videos.*

Pregnancy Pranks

This is every girl’s nightmare and a HALF. IMAGINE having to go and tell your parents this. Like NO thank you very much I love my life, I like being alive bye.


Tattoo pranks

Okay so I never thought getting a tattoo would be the WORST possible thing you can do to your parents but after watching these reactions, I am for sure never trying my luck with the process.



This is just UGH all of these drug prank videos gave me actual anxiety. First off, hats off to vintage Zaid Ali, lmao, his dad was NOT happy with him even when mama Zaid was there to protect him! But just, uff. No. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Kudos to all the parents who actually let their kids live after being pranked, can’t say I’d do the same as a parent but WHO KNOWS.

Have you ever tried pranking your parents? Which one would you do? If you had to? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: SincerelyMaha/FouseyTube Via YouTube

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