11 Genuinely Useful Tips That'll Help You Manage Your Weight This Ramazan

By Noor | 27 Apr, 2019

Ramazan is just around the corner and we all are already craving for the samosas and pakoras. This article will tell you exactly how you will be able to maintain your weight and improve your digestion despite all the indulgences this month. I know we all are super excited for the iftaar parties and heavy sehris but control toh phir bhi karna hai. So here’s how you can ensure that you manage your weight and take care of your digestive system this Ramazan:

1. Start your Sehri with a bowl of mixed fruits or a fruit juice

You basically need to prepare your tummy for all the excess food bombardment that might occur at an iftaar party. Fruits are naturally alkaline and they calm your aggressive digestive system. They will make you feel full, but will also be light.

2. Replace sherbets with a vegetable juice

We understand your love for sherbets and how it gives you ‘Ramazan wali‘ feeling but trust me it’s for your own good. Vegetables are a source of fiber and they fulfill the requirements of a healthy gut. You can use a mix of beetroot, carrot, and tomatoes or use cucumber instead. Use the ones you like the most.

It’s okay, I know.

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3. Drink electrolyte-rich water

Heavy foods take away a lot of electrolytes from our body during digestion. Use electrolyte-rich water such as coconut water or lemonade with honey and mint instead of normal water. Since this water is rich in potassium it will flush out all the excess water that sodium is holding in.

4. Use apple cider vinegar

You should definitely use this magical potion in any of the drinks you make or in the salad. It does wonders for losing weight.

Give it a go!

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5. Use Ispaghol

Ispaghol is a multi-purpose source that can help one with digestion issues, acute thirst levels, and obesity. Don’t forget to add this to your diet in Ramazan.

6. Replace normal tea with green tea

This is a very simple step that will help boost your metabolism. Use green tea. Your body will thank you.

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7. Use this concoction and thank me later:

Mix equal amounts of coriander, fennel, and cumin seeds and store them in a jar. Add 1 teaspoon of this mixture into a cup of water and boil it for 5 minutes. Then cool, strain, and drink it. This will help you lose some of that unwanted weight you may have gained.

Or don’t, if you’re cool with how you look. As you should be. Self-love above all.

8. Detox water helps too

Keeping yourself hydrated should be one of your major goals. Detox water is also famous for letting you lose weight. Added benefit? Add slices of cucumber, lemon, ginger, and some mint to the water. You can also try it with slices of strawberry or oranges. Make it all fancy. Go crazy.

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9. Walk for 30 minutes

Walking is the easiest exercise. Take some time out from your schedule and walk for 30 minutes.

10. Eat everything in the time slot right after Iftaar

Avoid eating anything after you’ve sufficiently had Iftaar or dinner. Otherwise, you’ll feel dizzy and you may even feel bloated. Additionally, it might throw your system off for Sehri the next day.

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11. Use “healthy” flour instead of wheat

If you wish to eat a roti, use the flour of jau, jawar or makayi. They’re a more healthy alternative to wheat.

Do try these tips this Ramazan and ensure that you stay fit and healthy. Do not forget to tell us which one worked for you. And if you have any tips, leave em’ in the comments section below.


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