11 Things That People Do Only On Eid

11 Things That People Do Only On Eid

11 Things That People Do Only On Eid

Well, Ramazan is almost over as Eid nears. Ah yes, Eid – 3 days where you get rewarded for quitting ties with Satan. But what happens after the holy month of Ramzan when Shaitan isn’t locked away?


1. Burqa clad women turn into fashionistas.

As soon as you have your last iftar, the burqas and MashAllahs go away and it’s party time.

ramazan activites
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 2. Evil mother-in-laws turn into angels.

In our society, evil mother in laws is a real thing, mostly because we all love to live so awfully close and plus Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi! But whatever quarrels the mother and daughter (in laws) might have, they either forget about it on Eid or do a pretty darn good job of faking it.

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3. Everyone becomes a participant in a massive HUGATHON!

No Eid is complete without hugging every Tom, Dick and Harry. Basically the list would include our smelly or fat uncles/strangers (who would crush your bones) and the hug-addicts (people that get some sort of a Eid high from hugging it).

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4. Continuous smiling.

Eid, just like weddings, is a time where you meet almost everyone who’s related to you by blood, however far off socially you might be with them. But for Eid you somehow become chaddi buddies or at least hug like you are one. You are in a Eid euphoria so whatever happens you just keep smiling and well… smiling!

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When in doubt simply smile =)


5. Someone is probably stoned or hungover.

It’s true, it happens.

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Do the halal thing.


6. Color coding

Most of us do get the freedom in what we want to wear but some families take it up the notch.

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7. Eidii!!!

There are two types of people you’ll find on Eid – the high end Eidi givers and the low end Eidi givers. The high-end Eidi givers are basically your cash cows, the ones who will make this Eid blissful. As a result, they’ll be greeted with the utmost respect and the most hugs. The low-end Eidi givers are the ones who might be actually really well off, but when it comes to giving Eidi, their conversion rate still hasn’t changed much since 1947.

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8. Parents taking away their kids’ Eidi so they can give it to other kids.

When you give Eidi to other kids, you’re basically giving money to their parents who then make the executive decision on how much goes to the other kids – you have to feel for those poor kids.

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9.You’re forced to give Eidi – because yolo!

If by any chance you’ve gotten a job before Eid, your Eidi circle suddenly shortens and you’re instantly promoted to the giver section – it’s one of those rare promotions you hate.

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10. Have dinner for three consecutive days with the same people.

What would be Eid without seeing the same damn faces for a continuous amount of time, especially when you don’t like some of those faces? So basically lots of small talks and well, as usual lots of hugging.

Okay the food is pretty tempting!
Picture is this same pose for three consecutive days









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11. Checking out thier own cousins…

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While most of the world is against the idea of cousin-cousin marriage, we embraced this concept some time ago. Simply put, what would Eid be without some incestuous checkouts!


Though all said and done, Eid is one event that’s a constant in your life. For anyone who’s had to spend Eid away from their family, you know how incomplete it makes you feel. Whatever said and done, as much as we might make fun of it or that Shaan Masala advert, the fact is we love the little quirky things about Eid. And hey, we may bitch and complain  but nothing’s more important than family. So on that note, here’s to awkward hugging, cheap Eidi uncles, lots of small talks and some awesome food!

(early) Eid Mubarik!


What’s your awkward Eid moment? Share with us in the comment section.


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