10 Facts About Pakistan to be Proud Of

By Eamaan Arain | 1 May, 2015

Pakistan has a hard time trying to tell to the world that it too like most of the other countries in the world – perhaps even better in some cases! Here are some amusing secrets that have been hidden from the world at large:


1. Makes about 50 % of the world’s footballs

Sialkot takes away the award in this aspect. For FIFA World Cup 2014, 42 million football Brazucas were exported to Brazil.

Source: pakistanpaedia


2. Pakistan’s national anthem ranks at the top around the world

Providing full motivation and raising the spirits of the people, this tune has been the backbone of resilient nature of Pakistanis and is a true reflection of them bouncing back after every misfortune.

Source: deviantart


3. Fourth most intelligent people in the world

Ever heard of the geniuses named Ali Moeen Nawazish, Haroon Tariq, Moosa Firoz and the late Arfa Karim? They all have one thing in common – they’re all from Pakistan!

Source: Daily Mail


4. First Muslim country to attain the nuclear power

Boasting seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers, it is no wonder Pakistan is the first Muslim country to have access to nuclear weapons that ensure that it is safe from any external threats.

Source: Dawn News


5. World’s largest deep sea port

Providing easy access to the growing markets of Asia, the Gwadar port is the largest and deepest sea port located in the middle of the world. This port is seen as the one that will revive Pakistan’s economy (provided its use is non-military).

Source: Globaltimes


6. Ranked fourth in the broadband internet growth

While the world labels Pakistan as backward and slow in progress, the facts speak otherwise. Yes, Pakistanis are tech-savvy people who keep up with the progress in the world and set records in this respect (when not hindered by the government that is).

Source: occupy


7. Seventh largest force in the world

Exhibiting remarkable and extreme discipline on the field, Pakistan’s armed forces are internationally ranked as seventh largest in the world.  It even provides the largest number of troops to serve the UN peacekeeping missions reflecting its crucial role in restoring peace in the world.

Pakistan solider with child
Source: Pakistan Today


8. Largest irrigation system

The Indus Basin Irrigation System of Pakistan irrigates 45 million acres of farm land which produces wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, sugarcane, maize and cotton catering to local as well as international demand. Impressed yet?

Source: valleyirrigationpakistan


9. World’s youngest civil judge

Mohammad Illyas is ranked in the Guinness Book of World Records as he became a judge an age of 20 years! A motivation for all youngsters who think success takes time.

Source: Guinness World Records


10. Contains one of the oldest civilizations in history

Historically rich, Pakistan attracts a host of archaeologists around the world interested in documenting all the facts of early civilization. Specifically, Mohenja Daro is one of the oldest settlements in the word.

Source: National Geographic
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