Zoe Viccaji Just Had The Most Beautiful Fairytale Wedding And Had Sanam Saeed As Her Bridesmaid

By Iman Zia | 24 Dec, 2018

You know those magnificent, perfect fairytale weddings most of us gals dream of? The ones straight out of a Disney film? Well, singer Zoe Viccaji and Kamal Khan got married over the weekend in the most romantic setting ever – it truly was a fairytale wedding. It was an intimate wedding.


Zoe was an absolute vision in white, with flowers in her hair on her special day

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Kamal Khan looked incredibly handsome as the couple posed for pictures while the sunset dawned upon them

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They look so beautiful together, we’re getting emotional from a little too many feels

Source: @adnanmalik1


The Karachi wedding was an intimate gathering with close family members and friends present

Source: @sanammody/Instagram


Bestie Sanam Saeed was one of the bridesmaids for Zoe’s wedding, looking beautiful in a pastel pink gown

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And here are all of Zoe’s ladies with the bride herself! Don’t they all look like absolute dreams!

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Close friend Adnan Malik was present too and was overwhelmed with emotion for his two best friends for tying the knot

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He later took to social media to pay homage to the beautiful couple in an endearing message

“So much love for these 2.
A union that reaffirms my belief in the institution of marriage 👫
“Love storrrriiiesss” 
@kamalkay walked into my life, literally when I opened the door to my apartment many years ago when we were looking for a BTS producer for Coke Studio! Always an excellent listener, a hard worker and someone with a sharp and unique perspective, he quickly became a loyal & caring friend. I’ve seen him go through difficult ups and downs in his personal life, but one thing that I have always admired is that he’s never taken shortcuts. He’s never compromised on his ethics, his vision or his self-belief. Kamal is a self-made man full of integrity, intelligence, kindness and love. I’m constantly inspired by you, brother 🙏🏼
And its led you here, into the arms and heart of one of the most amazing people I’ve had the privilege of knowing, @zoeviccajime 
My independent creative journey pretty much began with Zoe. We met through a mutual friend and instantly formed a kinship based on creativity, goofiness and outdoor activities! Zoe was always driven, impassioned and focused on her craft. (Barring the fanciful few days she found her life-calling in sociology).
We’ve collaborated on the music videos of ‘Mera Bichra Yaar’, ‘Tanhai’, multiple photo shoots, art projects & commercials. And even though we’ve had epic fights, I’ve always known we are family. We’ve seen each other through laughter & arguments, the death of common friends & family (and pets), illnesses & dark times, good relationships & not so good ones, spiritual ups & downs and career spurts & rejections. I don’t think I know a more loyal person or a person with a cleaner heart than you Zo 🙏🏼 (Well.. maybe Kamal)

And that’s why this is just the most incredible marriage. I feel like two of my favorite people have come together to create something even more special! I prayed for the two of you in the morning yesterday: for your union to grow in strength & trust & love and for you two to take on all the challenges of life with grace & integrity & consideration for each other (which I know you will)

I’m always here for you and so lucky to have you in my family of friends. This ones forever. Big Love❤️”


Source: Harpo Productions


As the night dawned, the couple had their first dance together

Source: @zoeviccajime/Instagram


We aren’t tearing up, we promise

Source: @zoeviccajime/Instagram


We wish them all the very best in their beautiful life together ahead.


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