Aiman And Muneeb Are Having The Most Romantic Honeymoon Ever While I Cry My Single Self To Sleep

By Iman Zia | 20 Dec, 2018

After a whirlwind marriage, with so many functions I legit lost count (but loved each and every one endlessly because they were so fabulously extra – and I am legit the definition of EXTRA), lovebirds Aiman and Muneeb are finally on their blessed honeymoon in Berlin, Germany.


Aiman and Muneeb reached Berlin yesterday, and that too planned it perfectly – because it’s almost Christmas and everything is just so much more romantic in the winters


They look so beautiful together!!!

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Muneeb’s cute caption about Aiman saying that she’s always right and jokingly teasing her in this picture is so adorable

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I mean look at that tree – serving some serious Christmas realness right there


The couple have been sightseeing Berlin, and my goodness does it look incredible!






Also, I’m sorry but this is such a fierce picture – those hoops girl!


I AM LEGIT SCREAMING COUPLE GOALS HERE – they look so cozy and warm

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Ik Hou Van Jou ♥️

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Muneeb stop it you have no right to be this cute

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Exploring Berlin ! #europediaries

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They look so happy, we really wish them all the very best


“Oh my heart” captions Aiman as I sob for their sparkling relationship








And while I’m absolutely in love with the couple, this is me rn LOL

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Don’t they look so cute though?


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