According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here's What This Week Will Be Like For You

By Nai Dulhan | 10 Sep, 2018

Hello people, we’re back again to tell you how this week will look for you guys, accoding to your zodiac sign. We know the weather is bad, but how are things going to look for you otherwise? Let’s find out what the week of 10th September 2018 – 17th September 2018 has in store for you.


Guys and girls,  if you’re an Aries, you might face challenges at work. Ho sakta hai apka koi manhoos colleague aik number ka ullu niklay. We’re just sayin’ – your stars are pointing towards that direction. Be wary of anyone trying to think that you’re naive enough to believe their promises in terms of your personal as well as professional life. You might also experience that certain people are trying to flirt with you or your personal life might even be going in a positive direction – lugay raho beta, lugay raho. This week also looks promising in terms of materializing your personal as well as professional plans, this is especially true for the guys. As for the ladies, you might be expecting a little more from your personal life than you actually receive. It’s okay, don’t be upset, just keep swimming.

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Ladies and gentlemen born under this star sign need to make sure that they don’t lose their focus this week and try to give it their best. This week is a good time to meet your deadlines and fulfill any unfinished business that you may have. You will be able to solve unresolved matters and problems this week, but only if you’re able to realize that you have an opportunity to do so. It is good to indulge in healthy arguments which help give you closure. During the week you may also hear good news about a family member. This is especially true if that person is a close relative such as a sibling or a child. Finances also seem to be in your favor. However, your personal life may experience a teeny tiny bit of disturbance but it’s cool, this too shall pass.

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Julnay walay ka mu kala, but this week you will experience some trouble with certain people – be it in your office or your circle of friends. You will be the topic of discussion and people will be hating on you and praising you as well. A new job offer might find its way to you so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open. Some important decisions will have to be made this week about someone who has been in your thoughts and giving you stress. In terms of your personal life, you will be pleasantly surprised by someone close to you and this will help ease the stress and anxiety you’re experiencing. Apka scene okay hai, fikar na kerain because your loved ones have your back.

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Cancer peeps; you have some important stuff to take care of this week, especially matters concerning your home and family. Apki kismet ka haal yeh hai ke you will have to deal with extra khawari at work this week and this is going to piss you off because you don’t have the stamina to deal with monetary loss or disappointments at the moment (Isn’t that all of us? Like literally). Money matters will be troublesome this week and you might get into a fight with someone for this very reason – just keep your head up and try to keep your thoughts focused and clear. As for your personal life, things seem to be going smooth, and you will receive happy news from those close to you.

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This week is all about letting your ego go and resolving conflicts. Koi nai yaar, gussta thook do…bus pyaar kero, pyaar. You will just want to reach closure to stressful situations. This is a good time to move from one home to another and taking care of any repairs and maintenance of the house. Men, you might also have a chance to re-connect with an old love interest which could make your biwi very angry with you. For the single men, this week is a good time to take your relationship to the next level. As for the ladies, this is a good time to travel and be adventurous. You will also get a chance to reflect on life and find solutions to your problems, so keep your squad handy for when you need them to be there for you.

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Virgo people, this week will start off as calm and quiet for you. But beware of taking things a little too lightly as this will cause unnecessary drama in your life, both personally and professionally. Seriously yaar, you don’t need more tension, with a side of anxiety in your plate now do ya?  You might be put on the spot by a friend or a relative who will expect you to do something which you will be very uncomfortable with, so be careful about what you promise. Some possible traveling is coming your way towards the end of this week – this could be personal or professional. Either way, it will be a pleasant experience probably because of the people who will accompany you.

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Lo gi, week start hotay saath he rola purh gaya. You might face anxiety because of some events in the lives of your loved ones but try to keep your emotions in control and rise above the smoke. The decisions you make will probably not have room for adjustment so be careful and cautious. This is a good week for you in terms of your professional life and you might even receive good news about that new job you had your eyes on. For those already employed, app bhe khush ho jain because scene set hai apka.

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All the bichoos in the house, this week will be an ultimate test of your patience because you will have to find solutions to some very critical problems, and not let your heart do the talking. Dil ke mut sunain, demagh se kaam lain. The week looks good if you want to go ahead with some sort of home improvement – this will help your ego and self-esteem. Emotionally, this is a heavy week for you, especially if you are going through personal turmoil such as a divorce or breakup of any sort. Meditation will help ease your pain and so will friends and family. Chin up yaar, when life gives you lemons, say screw you, imma make some lemonade.

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This week will be busy as well as draining for you guys and girls. You might experience a misunderstanding with your loved ones and cause unnecessary drama. Due to all this emotional stress, you are probably going to lash out on your loved ones – a piece of advice, control yourself and try not to make more enemies. You might want to consider therapy or recovery measures which will prove to be fruitful. Women specifically will experience jealousy or mistrust when it comes to your partners, but you might be pleasantly surprised and embarrassed because of your own actions. This week should be utilized to settle any financial decisions pending at your end.

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This week, don’t waste time lazing around and try to be as productive as possible. Work might also be tense this week as you might be involved in an unnecessary controversy, so yaar, matlab scene thora tight lag raha hai apkay week ka. You might decide to do something nice for a loved one and shower them with pleasant surprises and gifts. Ayeeen Hyeeennn. Avoid dwelling on anything that belongs to your past, be it an ex- lover, old work or old friendships which don’t matter to you. Mitti pao okay? Capricorn ladies will have to make some important decisions this week, especially related to money matters. You might also resolve an ongoing health or any other personal problem this week.

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This week, make the most of your career, education or business. Scene on hai apka iss week. Money problems will become easier for you this week but you need to be committed to solving these problems otherwise they will linger on. Also, focus on your physical health this week and aim for a healthier lifestyle. You might experience a little turbulence in your personal life but make sure it doesn’t affect the other aspects of your life.

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Chalo jee, financial matters ka scene toh off hai apka. But the good thing is that this is only temporary and you will bounce back to being financially stable soon enough. Since you are prone to panic, make sure you keep your emotions in control and battle things out gracefully especially in your relationships. You might experience turbulence in your relationships, so try to be very cautious about your own and other peoples’ feelings. Focus on the solution rather than the problem. Success will come your way because you have worked in the previous weeks. As a woman, you are prone to making new friends who share the same goals as you.

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Phew, that was some heavy stuff! Guys, tell us how the coming week goes for you. Good luck!


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