Zayn Malik Did Not Attend His 17-Year-Old Sister's Wedding And People Have A Lot Of Questions

By Sana Yasmeen | 20 Sep, 2019

Zayn Malik not being at his sister’s wedding has given fodder to a lot of questioning

Very recently, the internet was taken by a wave of shock and curiosity when pictures of Safaa Malik’s wedding, who happens to be Zayn Malik’s younger sister, surfaced. The news of Safaa Malik’s wedding caused all kinds of reactions whereby people began showing their concern about Safaa’s age.


It all began when Trisha Malik, Zayn’s mother posted some photos from her daughter’s nikkah event

Trisha Malik put up an Instagram post with the caption “My baby girls big day”. This post led to “gossiping” and “questions” about the shaadi and also, questions about Zayn’s absence.

Safaa rocked the look of a desi bride with a red and gold embroidered dress and heavy makeup. The groom, on the other hand, rocked a fairly simple white kurta.

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My baby girls big day ❤️❤️🙈🥰🥰

A post shared by Trisha Malik💋 (@trishamalik1069) on


The ceremony was held three days after Safaa’s 17th Birthday

Three days after Safaa Malik celebrated her 17th birthday, she tied the knot with Martic Tiser, her boyfriend. After the news, several varying speculations began circulating the internet and Oh Boy.


While rest of the whole family was present Zayn Malik was absent from his sister’s wedding

According to reports, Zayn Malik’s sisters Doniya Malik and Waliyha Malik along with their father and mother were present during the ceremony. However, there is no mention of Zayn also being at the wedding.


The world could not register the shock they had just received because of this wedding

We felt the same shock.


People began assuming all sorts of reasons as to why she was getting married

People assumed that since it was such a rushed event and at such a tender age of the bride, the reason must be something more than just love.



Amidst this confusion, someone claiming to be Safaa came forward on social media to defend her marriage

A Twitter account, allegedly of Safaa, began defending her decision of being married and nobody knows if this is real?

She also revealed that she is indeed pregnant, too.


People did show support to Safaa after the defence

Everyone was telling her to ignore the haters and enjoy her time.



Zayn Malik being MIA from his sister’s wedding was also noticed

Zayn, however, is still under radio silence and Kuch toh pata chalay bhai. People became too concerned and started asking about his whereabouts.


His fans did try to come up with excuses to defend Zayn’s absence

Honestly, do we even care about him at this point?

Anyway, so that’s what went down around Zayn’s sister’s wedding. What are your opinions about this wedding and Zayn’s absence? Sound off in the comments below.


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