Zayn Malik Defended Gigi Hadid From Trolls After They Blamed His Meltdown On Her & Love Does Win

By Arslan Athar | 5 Apr, 2019

Zayn Malik has had quite the topsy turvy relationship with Gigi Hadid over the years. The couple was very openly ‘together’ on many occasions. They won desi hearts everywhere when they celebrated Eid together and Gigi wore a desi outfit. News broke back in January that the couple was ‘on a break’ but heading towards a breakup. There has been no other word about this ever since. Until of course, Zayn stirred the pot a bit.

On the 3rd of April, Zayn sent out a couple of really intense tweets. 

Source: @zayn / Twitter


These tweets were especially concerning given that Zayn was in a totally different mood a week back. 


A lot of theories were up in the air about who he was referring to. 

Harry Styles was a popular target, but Gigi Hadid was a strong competitor.



It read a lot like a direct hamla. 


There was also just a lot of confusion about their relationship status. 


The theories were sizzling so much so that Zayn had to respond to that.

In the early hours of well, today, Zayn took to Twitter to clarify a few things.

He addressed his response to the gossipmongers of the internet. 

Also, it’s their*


He made it clear who the tweets weren’t about. 


He ended his thread with a note. 


Okay, so we need to focus on Zayn’s tweets about Gigi because OMG they’re so sweet.

He says, ‘she’s the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. She does nothing but love and supports me when lord knows I don’t deserve it.’

Fans lost their minds!


Zayn is becoming ‘Boyfriend Goals’. 



While some people were reminding him of his mother. 


This tweet thread has not settled any confusion around Zayn and Gigi’s relationship status, however, it does seem that they are both in a good space.

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