So Zayn Loves Everything About India And His Pakistani Roots Are Offended

By Iman Zia | 1 Feb, 2018

Zayn Malik is a true desi at heart. The singer has always dipped his toes into his roots and culture, never shying away from where he’s from. And while he’s always embraced his Pakistani side, there’s quite the Bollywood side to him too that’s unraveling before us. The boy’s a Bollywood fan, ladies, and gentlemen.


Indian publication ‘Elle India’ interviewed Zayn, where he dished on how big of a fan he was for all things Indian

Zayn confessed how overwhelming his proliferating popularity was in India to Elle’s fashion editor Rahul Vijay – who styled the singer for the cover; a simple Hilfiger Collection sweater that had a drooped neckline enough to showcase his tattoos.

Source: Elle India


The singer dished that his favorite Bollywood actor was Shah Rukh Khan, so much so that he made girlfriend Gigi Hadid watch cult film ‘Devdas’ 

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


He also went on to say he loved Indian food and that his mom “makes the best Indian food around”

Elle India’s editor called Zayn “humble, calm and very easy to work with.” The singer doesn’t like smiling in pictures, and “that’s fashion so it works.”

Source: Elle U.K.


Needless to say, desi fans are honestly losing it because, well the singer likes ‘Devdas’


Even publications started fangirling on Twitter









A true desi intellectual tbh






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