Here Is Everything That Happened At The Zara Noor Abbas And Asad Siddiqui Reception Last Night

By Sarah Babar | 30 Dec, 2017

Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui’s shaadi, that took place this weekend has been an absolutely crazy affair. From the craziest dholkis and sangeets to possibly one of the coolest receptions we’ve seen, thus far. Cool, not because there were millions of rupees spent in getting the bride and groom down in a helicopter or have them appear from under the stage.

But because Zara herself was one of the simplest brides we’ve seen, in the best way possible


And everyone just genuinely appeared to be having a ton of fun

Source: @ahad_sajalfc / Instagram


And amidst all this fun, we saw that the affair was also one of the most star-studded shaadis we’ve seen in recent times


We saw current acting sensation Gohar Rasheed

Source: @goharrasheedfanclub / Instagram


The belle of the ball Sajal Ali


Who seemed to have had an insanely good time at the reception


The equally gorgeous younger sister, Saboor


Nimra Khan and Iqra Aziz added to the list of gorgeous women present


Yasir Hussain captained the entire shaadi and made it one hundred times more fun


As did his partner in joy-crime, and also the really, reaaaally good singer Asim Azhar, who serenaded the whole crowd


Adnan Siddiqui is not only a part of the family, but also was part of the life-of-the-party brigade


Syra Shahroz made an appearance and looked her usual flawless self with her boo of ‘Chain Aye Na’ fame: Shahroz

Our bushy-eyebrowed haseena, Sadaf Kanwal was also there


And among the attendees was also the heartthrob of yesteryears, Asif Raza Mir

Source: @ahad_sajalfp / Instagram


Along with his son, the heartthrob of Pakistani millenials all over, Ahad Raza Mir


We also caught a glimpse of Muneeb Butt


And one of Shehzad Sheikh amidst the battalion of men present

Source: @blogistanpak / Instagram


Yasir Hussain and Asim Azhar absolutely smashed it on the dance floor


As did Zara’s khaala, Bushra Ansari


As did the dulha, Asad, himself; and we finally saw a shaadi where the groom was also having fun


But honestly, it looked like such a fun shaadi


We wish Zara and Asad all the happiness in the world and a very, very happily married life!

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