While You Are Living In 2017 This Cafe In Islamabad Has Already Celebrated The Arrival Of 2018

By Ather Ahmed | 30 Dec, 2017

2018 agaya pehle hee


So New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and everyone is excited for 2018 to finally arrive. People are lining up their New Resolutions and updating their calendars and diaries and whatnot. Well, this Islamabad-based cafe seems to have already celebrated the arrival of the new year.


For some, the excitement was too much that the new year came two days early for Chaaye Khana

As you can see the sugar packet being served at this restaurant was manufactured in 2018.  Well, Happy “Early” New Year to these guys I guess.


For those of you who don’t know this, Chaaye Khana is a cafe with branches in Islamabad and Lahore

They became a favorite for breakfast in Islamabad when they opened up five years ago in Sector F6 in Islamabad, according to their website. Currently, Chaaye khana website states that they have three locations in Pakistan, including franchises in Lahore and Bahria Town, Islamabad.

Source: Chaye Kana Via Facebook

According to its official website, Chaaye Khana specializes as a high end cafe that offers tea. Basically a dhaba with AC. ( It rhymes …I know right ). Like the sugar packet, the concept of the restaurant is also from the future I guess.


Naturally people were just baffled by the manufacturing date on the sugar packet


According to this guy time traveling is possible


This person thinks that there is something wrong with her calender


Somebody also took a dig at the Sharif family and their Calibri-Gate fiasco


Meanwhile this guy is just excited that Chaye Khana has its branded sugar packets

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